About Kitchenzad

KitchenZad is a (blog/website) designed and devoted to all and everything that has to do with kitchen tools.

You’ll come across a combination of articles. Some of them will review various tools such as knives, pineapples slicers, oil lubricants, and more. In comparison, other articles will teach you how to use certain tools bit by bit.

Being enthusiastic about the world of the kitchen from a young age, I decided to create “ Kitchen zad” to pass my experience to those who are just as passionate as me about their kitchen tools.

About the author Daniel Rogers

My name is Daniel Rogers, a 35-year old enthusiast by the kitchen.

From the moment that I entered the kitchen, I have been passionate about cooking and baking. This passion made me eager enough to know more about the kitchen tools that I use. The older I become, the more I become knowledgeable about the kitchen tools. When and how to use a special tool in the kitchen becomes my hobby.

I read a lot about many brands, tried some of them by myself, and gathered sufficient information about the others.

Without further ado, I decided to compile all this knowledge in my website “ Kitchen zad” for all the other kitchen enthusiasts out there.