can a microwave interfere with wi-fi

can a microwave interfere with wi-fi? This article explores the question of whether a microwave can interfere with WiFi signals.

Discover the science behind this issue and learn what steps you can take to mitigate any disruptions to your internet connection.

can a microwave interfere with wi-fi
can a microwave interfere with wi-fi

Whenever I use my microwave my wifi gets turned off

You may notice that when you use your microwave, your Wi-Fi gets affected badly.

In case your router is located near your microwave, then you are going to suffer.

Interrupted video transmission and slow speed of web loading are all signs of wifi interruption.

You may also find your microwave not working when you make your food.

If you have this problem, then electromagnetic radiations are the reason.

The electrical signals coming out of the microwave also affect the connectivity of your wi-fi.

All your wireless devices also get affected and lose the internet connection because of those signals.

After we understood the reason behind this problem, we need to know how to fix it.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

We are always exposed to magnetic radiation scientifically called electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic radiation includes visible light and signals.

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can a microwave interfere with wi-fi
can a microwave interfere with wi-fi

Why Wi-Fi is not while using my Microwave?

In fact, in some instances, your device fails to connect as well.

The Internet connection returns to its regular state after the microwave is turned off.

As we knew previously, we are dealing with electromagnetic radiation.

Those electromagnetic radiations have different frequencies.

The frequencies of the two devices conflict.

They could clash with each other.

The operation of the microwave oven and the wifi modem is at 2.4 gigahertz frequency.

Keep in mind that the only device that transmits data is your wi-fi.

On the other hand, the device that emits signals is your microwave.

It emits signals in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM band.

Microwaves emit low levels of radiation that can cause interference with Wi-Fi signals.

There are so many devices that operate on 802.11a and 802.11g.

Those devices are for example Bluetooth, cordless phones and routers

They also have a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

It is not necessary for the microwave to contribute to this issue, maybe other household appliances are the reason.

Those appliances may be the toaster oven or the electric bug zapper

Leaked microwave frequencies have the potential to cause disruptions in WiFi signals.

This leakage is so apparent in case your microwave is old.

Those old microwaves have poor shielding.

Newer microwaves have better shielding to prevent leakage.

However, this does not mean that new microwaves do not interrupt wifi signals.

This interruption is rare but not impossible.

However, with new microwaves, this problem should not be occurring.

This may cause the signals of the wifi to get interrupted or get blocked completely.

If your microwave is leaking electromagnetic waves, then there is a fault with your appliance.

Keep in your mind that although your microwave may emit these frequencies.

On the other side, those frequencies are not of a high level.

That’s why microwaves do not do any damage to you or the people in your home.

So, you may still need an electrician to check your microwave.

This would help ensure that your microwave isn’t emitting hazardous levels of radiation.

Doing this check would help you understand if you need to replace your microwave or not.

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can a microwave interfere with wi-fi
can a microwave interfere with wi-fi

How to prevent your wifi interruption?

Switch to 5 GHz

Your microwave may have some wireless features.

Those wireless features allow the microwave to connect to a smartphone app.

If your microwave has this feature, then, for the wireless signals, it uses a 2.4 GHz band

In this case, you will need to switch to 5 GHz frequencies on your router.

Open your smartphone and get into your app’s settings to know the wireless gigahertz frequency used.

Isolate Your Routers

In case you have multiple routers, isolate and locate them separately.

Always separate the errant wifi router to a room located away from your microwave.

Keep Microwave Away from Devices

Always keep your microwave away from any wireless devices even computers.

Your microwave should be close enough to routers that it allows transmission.

However, it must be far that it does not cause interference with the wifi signal.

Grin and Bear It

If no solution worked, then you will need to adapt.

You will find this interference happening while using the microwave.

Frequently asked question

Is this interference dangerous?

No, the interference caused by a microwave to a WiFi signal is not dangerous.
The frequencies emitted by microwaves are low and are unlikely to cause any health issues.
The clashing that happens between the wifi and the microwave signal is not hazardous in any way.
However, if your microwave is old, it may be emitting higher levels of radiation that could interfere with your WiFi signal.
In this case, it should be checked by an electrician.

Do microwave ovens affect pacemakers?

Modern pacemakers are manufactured in a way it does not get affected y the microwave.
That’s why you should not worry about this issue.

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