Where should a microwave be placed- 9 ideas

Where should a microwave be placed- 9 ideas? This article will guide the best locations to place a microwave, as well as tips for finding the right spot in any kitchen.

Determine the most suitable location for your microwave in the kitchen.

Where should a microwave be placed- 9 ideas
Where should a microwave be placed- 9 ideas

1. Below the Counter

This would be the best option in case you have limited cabinet space or a small counter.

If you want to replace the lower drawer with a microwave cabinet, then this option is for you.


A clear counter and an unobstructed sightline are the advantages of this option.

This could turn amazing especially if it is paired with upper open-airy shelves.


When the microwave is positioned too low, handling dishes while putting or taking them out can be inconvenient.

It should be noted that this option may pose a safety hazard for families with young children who tend to be curious.

Construction considerations:

Leaving an appropriate space along with approximately no cost can happen through the removal of a large drawer front.

During the construction, guarantee the tidiest fit needed, and use a microwave base cabinet.

This cabinet has typically the same cost as a standard drawer cabinet

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2. Integrated Into Cabinetry

For people who like sleek appearance and how well-featured appliances look, this option is the best one.


The height can be customized for the best reachability.


When positioning a heated plate, it is crucial to take its distance from the countertop into account for safety purposes.

Not considering this may cause safety hazards.

To properly retrofit, one may require a cabinet that fits the appropriate height and size specification.

So, you may need a customized cabinet for the perfect height

One option is to choose from the standard options your cabinet supplier provides.

Additionally, a visually appealing trim kit will enhance the aesthetic but have an additional cost.

3. In a Spare Cabinet

This particular choice provides a simple solution that can be done yourself.

When this option is utilized in your kitchen, it will maintain the appliance’s placement when not in frequent use.


This installation offers the option of placing the microwave at a desirable height or in an underutilized cabinet to optimize space, without incurring high expenses.


Individuals who prioritize cleanliness may become irritated if someone fails to close doors or leaves small pieces of food in narrow spaces.

For frequent microwave users, opening the cabinet door may be an inconvenient additional action.

Construction considerations:

When an appropriate cabinet is available, the primary challenge usually involves creating a hole for the wiring to connect with an existing plug.

This renders this task relatively straightforward for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Incorporating this step into the construction plans allows for the installation of internal plugs within the cabinet.

This can help hide visible cords.

Always take a look and use the user manual attached to the microwave.

This is an important step to knowing whether the microwave’s open door supports heat ventilation or not.

4. Angled corner cabinet

As we know, large kitchens always have deep unused spaces and corners.

This option will give a convenient solution and make the best of those large kitchens.


It helps fill the unused corners and allows feasibility.


The space behind the microwave will be free and unused.

Construction considerations:

Plan to make the cabinet in the corner before construction.

Otherwise, you will not be able to make it if waited after construction.

This option needs planning during the construction.

The corner cabinet can not be added after the construction easily.

In case a cabinet company has corner cabinets, consider the cost.

The corner cabinet should not differ so much from the standard one.

Where should a microwave be placed- 9 ideas
Where should a microwave be placed- 9 ideas

5. Over the Range

It is not the best option if you are concerned about your kitchen design.

However, it is the most suitable option for a limited area or small space.


If you have a compact or small kitchen, the combo of the microwave and the hood fan give the best option.

It helps make the best use of the space you have.


Always keep in mind that your microwave should not be placed too high.

If placed too high, the microwave will be hard to be reached or see through.

Construction considerations:

The range and microwave finishes should match.

So, you should choose one manufacturing source for the two components.

This installation is so convenient and straightforward.

Usually, it takes a few hours.

The amount of time for installation depends on the duration needed for removing the microwave and hood already existing.

Also, it depends on if there are any cuttings needed for fitting the new units in.

6. At a Drinks Station

It would be the most convenient option for the basement bar station or butler’s pantry.

It is amazing for any food prep space.


For a quick snack or breakfast, put your microwave to your coffee machine in a chosen side station.

It is a unique and relaxing option away from busy households.


In case you will use your microwave for cooking, then it is not a good idea.

Having the microwave away from the fridge and the prep space will make cooking a tiring experience.

Construction considerations:

How the microwave is mounted would define the construction issues.

Always show off your microwave instead of hiding it.

7. In an Appliance Garage

Putting your microwave in an appliance garage is a trendy and excellent option.

It is so convenient for people who tend to hide multiple kitchen appliances.


This way of placing your microwave would help hide it along with the feasibility of reach.


The only disadvantage of this option is that it needs extra space for keeping the appliances.

It is more inconvenient when compared to just placing them on the counter.

Construction considerations:

All you need is to make a counter stretch and this will allow making the appliance garage you need.

It would be best if you could leave usable space in front and make an extra deep counter. (like 30 inches or more)

It is highly important to match the existing kitchen paint and style, so keep this in mind when adding the door and building the finishes.

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8. In the Island

This option would not be covered completely and also will be out of sight and unnoticeable.

Using the island this way would make the best use of it.


This option keeps the main cabinet available for storage.

You can keep the microwave away from the cooking area.

So if one person uses only the microwave, there will be no disturbance to the other person using the cooking area.


The microwave will get even harder to reach.

This will be noticed if there is a deep lip on the counter.

Construction considerations:

In case the island is built out

You will need an extra electrical run through the island.

This would be a little bit tricky in case you have an existing island.

Where should a microwave be placed- 9 ideas
Where should a microwave be placed- 9 ideas

9. Over the Oven

This style is convenient for people who are not shy about showing stainless steel appliances.

This is the chef’s kitchen known style.


This option allows you to group all your appliances.

This grouping gives an integrated and sleek look.


The microwave oven may be put too high that it is hard to reach.

Construction considerations:

Customization will be needed if you choose this option.

Depending on the quality and the size, this option would cost you hundreds of dollars.

Frequently asked question

Is placing the microwave inside a cabinet considered safe?

A cabinet built especially for the microwave is important and considered the best way.
The cabinet needs to have a cutout for guaranteeing air circulation.

What are the places where I shouldn’t store my microwave?

Placing the microwave in front of a window is dangerous.
The heat coming from the microwave may cause the window to shatter.
Undoubtedly, the window would provide the ventilation needed.
However, there is a huge risk to shatter the window by the heat of the microwave.
Additionally, in case a fire happened, it would be impossible to escape through the window.

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