Where can I recycle my microwave?

Where can I recycle my microwave? Recycling your microwave is a great way to help protect the environment and keep hazardous materials out of landfills.

Learn where you can recycle your microwave and make sure it’s done safely and responsibly.

Where can I recycle my microwave
Where can I recycle my microwave

How can I recycle my microwave?

Bring microwaves to one of the recycling companies listed below.

Call them to verify items accepted, fees and hours.

You can also bring microwaves to Washington County’s Environmental Center.

Ramsey County’s residents can use this service for free.

Recycle Companies

  • A Plus Appliance
  • ARCA Recycling
  • Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service
  • Plaza TV and Appliance
  • Recycle Technologies (formerly Green Lights Recycling)
  • Repowered (formerly Tech Dump)
  • The Retrofit Companies
  • Waste Management (formerly Advanced Disposal)

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Find the Nearest E-Waste Recycling Centers

This is a highly effective and environmentally friendly way to dispose of an old microwave.

Recycling microwaves is not prohibited by any legislation worldwide.

Recycling allows for the reuse of parts while aiding in environmental protection.

Is it acceptable to dispose of this item in the same manner as paper, glass, or plastics?

Absolutely not.

If you dispose of it just like paper, then you possess serious safety hazards.

A microwave is composed of a variety of materials that can be recycled.

Trained professionals at e-waste recycling centres can disassemble microwaves, separating useful components.

Where can a microwave be recycled?

GreenDirectory can help locate microwave ovens recycling depots or stores.

Where can I recycle my microwave
Where can I recycle my microwave

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The best way to find the nearest e-waste recycler

  • Please choose the e-waste type.

Dive into GreenDirectory, look for the “search for” bar and explore microwaves!

Choose the option for microwave.

  • Find your location and choose it

Type the ZIP code related to your location

You can choose the “Use Current Location” option.

This option will help if you are unsure about the correct ZIP code for your location.

Our tool will automatically grab it

Where can I recycle my microwave
  • Select the E-Waste Recycler

Searching will generate a list of recyclers located within a 10-mile radius of your current location.

Recycling centres typically assess and attempt to fix items that can still be salvaged before selling or donating them.

In certain situations, the old microwave can be repurposed for parts or salvageable materials.

In case you found no facility for microwave recycling near your location, then proceed to the next option.

Many recycling centres, including GreenCitizen, accept mail-ins.

Send them your appliance and they will recycle it for a small fee.

In case you don’t drive or can’t reach the nearest drop-off location, this would be the most proper option.

Where can I recycle my microwave
Where can I recycle my microwave

Frequently asked questions

Are there microwave Recycling Programs offered y major manufacturers?

Yes, there are microwave Recycling Programs offered y major manufacturers
This is one of the most interesting recycling options.
You can browse through programs for recycling offered by big manufacturers like GE, Bosch and LG.
So, firstly, get to your item’s brand website.
Then, enter your ZIP code.
After that, the nearest drop-off site will appear.
If you are seeking more details, check the e-waste programs designed for cycling.
If you are living in the United States, then LG has mail-back recycling for their products.
The interesting point about this offer is that it is free.
You then need to download the mail-back label and print it.
Do this step easily from their website.
Then, send your item to their factory.
For other brands that don’t offer a mail-back program, there is a suitable solution.
GreenCitizen offers mail-in for e-recycling.
It accepts different major appliances like microwaves.
In conclusion, always look for the most compatible recycling services for you.

Is it legal to place my microwave in the trash?

It is illegal to place microwaves in the trash.
It is considered hazardous waste and contains hazardous materials.

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