How to microwave hot dog?

Make the perfect hotdogs fast with our tried-and-true methods. Follow these easy steps to learn how to microwave your hotdog today!

How to microwave hot dog?

Two essential things to know before microwaving a hot dog

1. Bacterial contamination

Different dangerous bacteria find raw meat and also processed ones good places to live in.

In contrast, bacteria can grow quickly when cooking hot dogs at a low setting for any length of time.

Consequently, this can lead to sickness for someone who is usually in good health.

Furthermore, the water used for heating up will also be contaminated.

Researchers caution that pouring the bacteria down the sink can create a place for it to reside, potentially spreading it to other surfaces and foods through splashes or aerosol particles.

2. Arcing

Hot dogs contain ingredients like salts and additives put within the hot dogs which react with the energy source causing that arcing.

The USDA has stated a warning against this reaction.

Seeing this unconventional occurrence could be intriguing, yet it might lead to harmful effects on your microwave and cooking area.

It can damage the appliance over time, so it’s best avoided.


You can safely consume hot dogs by heating them at 1,100 watts power for 75 seconds.

Safe cooking of the hot dog at these temperatures prevents any damage to the appliance.

It also eliminates any contamination.

For extra safety, hot dogs must be preserved with potassium lactate and sodium diacetate.

Also, follow the instructions stated on the packaging for having safely prepared food.

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Microwaving hot dogs

1. Preparing the Hot Dogs

Use a fork to make some pokes or holes in the hot dog.

By doing this, you can stop the buildup of steam in hotdogs and the swelling, thus preventing rupture.

Certain hot dog manufacturers argue that poking the product removes its juices.

It results in increasing dryness and decreasing flavour.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about this step if you’re using hot dogs from those brands.

2. Putting the Hot dog

If you’re unsure if a regular plate is microwave-safe, look for one labelled as such.

Place a paper towel on top of the hot dogs.

This will help avoid having any excess grease or moisture on the hot dogs

When making your hot dog, select a good-quality paper towel so that the fibres won’t fall onto the food.

Never stack your hot dogs.

Arrange them at a distance of 1 or 2 inches from each other to ensure even cooking.

3. Covering the hot dogs

Before microwaving the hot dogs, put one more sheet of paper towel.

You can also moisten your paper towels to add moisture to hot dogs.

In case having a small number of hot dogs, wrap the items in the initial paper towel.

Tuck the ends of the fabric to prevent it from unrolling while spinning. Soak the paper towel in water to ensure it’s moist and full.

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How to microwave hot dog?

4. Microwaving process

It would take 40 seconds to cook a hot dog in a microwave set at high heat (800-1,000 watts).

For best results, it is recommended to microwave hot dogs for no longer than 30 seconds; otherwise, they may explode.

Don’t forget to flip them regularly to ensure even cooking.

5. Check on them

For the best results, check the temperature of your hot dogs every 30 seconds while they are in the microwave.

Leave them until the timer runs out if they are still cold.

If the food is already hot, reduce the cooking time or take it off the heat.

6. Take your hot dog out and serve

For safety, put on oven mitts before removing the plate of hot dogs.

Beware of the trapped steam when you remove the paper towel.

It would be better if you have a meat thermometer to check the hot dog’s internal temperature.

The thermometer would help you ensure safety before eating.

If it is above 160°F, you’re good to go!

After successfully preparing the hot dogs in the microwave, prepare a potato salad with the hotdogs.

The rich, creamy flavours from potato salad are a fantastic addition to hot dogs’ savoury notes, which are laced with sweet and fatty undertones.

How to make a frozen Hot Dog in the microwave?

Before doing anything else, make sure to activate the thawing function on your microwave.

Make sure to use a microwave-safe plate when you reheat your hot dog.

  1. Before microwaving leftovers, be sure to cover them with a damp paper towel.
  2. Press the ‘thaw’ button on the microwave, then press start.
  3. After thawing for 30 seconds, take a look at the hot dog.
  4. If it has been defrosted, follow the instructions for cooking.
  5. Continue thawing the frozen parts in 30-second increments until defrosted.

Pro Tip:

You can put your hot dog in a ziplock bag and run it under hot water from the kitchen sink (or put the water in a bowl with the hot dog in the bag) and it will thaw very quickly.

Extra tips and tricks for a microwaving hot dog

  • All beef hot dogs are delicious and highly recommended.
  • Keep in mind that microwaves differ from each other.

Each microwave has its power rating, so always start on a low setting until you’re familiar with how powerful your appliance is.

  • Using a high-quality paper towel is key to avoiding small particles of it landing on your hot dog.
  • Wrapping each individually, you can microwave up to 8 hot dogs at a time. For a full pack, begin with 1 minute followed by 30-second intervals, flipping the dogs around between each interval.
  • Adding a generous amount of chicken broth to your hot dogs by soaking the paper towels in it will make them even more flavorful!
  • For perfectly steamed buns, cut off the plastic tie, spritz them with water, and heat them in the microwave for 25 seconds.

Cover your hot dogs in a paper towel while microwaving them to keep the meat juicy and moist.

When microwaving hotdogs, it is important to cook them in short bursts. Regularly check on them to ensure they are not getting too heated and risk exploding.

The time it takes to cook a jumbo hot dog is greater than that of a standard-sized one.

To make sure your hot dogs are properly heated before serving, preheat the buns using a microwave or oven, grill or skillet.

How to microwave hot dog?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the storage time for a cooked hot dog?

– A properly stored and covered cooked hot dog can last for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.
– Cooked hot dogs should not be left unrefrigerated for longer than two hours.

What to serve with microwaved hot dogs?

You can serve onion rings or french fries based on your preference.

Is it better to microwave the hot dog and the bun together or separately?

We recommend preparing the bun and the hot dog separately.

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