10 Best Knives Bags Review 2021 | Knife Rolls Review

Premium Choice
Noble Home And Chef Knife Bag
Noble Home And Chef Knife Bag
Best Overall
Aaron Estilo leather Adjustable Knife Roll Bag
Aaron Estilo leather Adjustable Knife Roll Bag
Great Value
Chef Sac Knife Bag
Chef Sac Knife Bag

Best Knives Bags and rolls are A Must Have For storing premium Knife set for professional chefs.

If you are an executive chef or a professional cook. You will find yourself moving for meetings, tastings, or cooking for friends.

For sure, you will need the best knives bags to carry your tools with you, such as knives.

Chefs and culinary fans spend vast sums of cash on knives. It makes sense. Every dish prepared in the kitchen needs using a different kind of blades.

These best knives bags can help store and transport the knives with the chefs from one place to another. Keeping them sharp, durable and protect their feature quality.

Best knife bags in the market features the possibility of containing from 5 to 30 knives.

Especially personal chefs, who live on the move, can use the best knives bags or rolls for outdoor cooking.

But how to store all your knives? The knife roll bag is the answer. It delivers them to your working place.

List of 10 best knives bag 2021

  1. EVER PRIDE ultimate edge Chef knife bag-Professional Choice
  2. Noble Home and Chef knife bag-Best Overall
  3. Shun knife bag roll-Velcro Closures
  4. Messermeister Heavy Duty Knife Bag-Easy to Clean
  5. Mercer Culinary KnifePack Plus-Backpack
  6. Hernest Chef’s Knife roll bag-Travel Friendly
  7. Hide and drink Handmade leather knife bag-Vintage Style
  8. Boldrick Leather knife Bag-Thoughtful Gift
  9. Chef sac knife bag-Best Quality
  10. Aaron Estilo leather Adjustable Knife Roll Bag-Best Performance

Comparison table

Product nameDimensionsItem weightmaterialNumber of slots
EVER PRIDE ultimate edge Chef knife Bag2.01 x 10.51 x 10.98 inches2.2 poundspolyester20 slotsCheck Price
Noble Home and Chef knife Bag0.98 x 7.95 x 19 inches1.35 Poundspolyester10 slotsCheck Price
Shun Knife Bag Roll0.5 x 18 x 19.5 inches0.03 PoundPolyester and nylon8 slotsCheck Price
Messermeister Heavy Duty Knife Bag6 x 1.5 x 20 inches1.1 Poundsnylon8 slotsCheck Price
Mercer Culinary KnifePack Plus12 x 18 x 24 inches1.74 poundsnylonBackpackCheck Price
Hernest Chef’s Knife Roll Bag1.42 x 8.94 x 9.84 inches1.11 poundsceramic10 slotsCheck Price
Hide and drink Handmade Leather knife Bag0.25 x 19 x 21 inches  1.84 pounds  Leather and olive green8 slotsCheck Price
Boldrick Leather knife Bag2.4 x 8.9 x 22 inches  1.65 poundsLeather8 slotsCheck Price
Chef Sac knife Bag1.81 x 8.58 x17.28 inches1.19 poundspolyester8+ slotsCheck Price
Aaron Estilo leather Adjustable Knife Roll Bag1 x 19.7 x 29.5 inches4.8 poundsleather10 slotsCheck Price

Best knives bag and roll

1-EVER PRIDE ultimate edge Chef knife bag-Professional Choice

Everpride ultimate edge knife bag

Everpride ultimate edge knife bag features a practical and convenient design for professional chefs or culinary students.

These best knives bags are Entirely manufactured from durable and puncture-resistant 600D polyester fabric.

Catering professional chefs’ needs with 3 large sections for 20 knives and other culinary utensils for extremely practical and easy to carry anywhere.

However, it contains 2 separate storage compartments with slots for 20 knives chefs up to 20.5″ long and 1 zippered compartment for storing other tools with 3 heavy-duty inner zippers for all-time protection.

UNIQUELY, the travel-friendly design of this bag comes with a comfortable handle and adjustable shoulder strap.

For more convenience with a padded inner organizer and they are super light weighted entirely when travelling.

Everpride ultimate edge chef best knife bags come with a 30-day guarantee with a full refund.

Pros And Cons

  • Storage capacity
  • Sturdiness
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Does not hold the heavyweight
  • Little insubstantial.

Bottom line

The Everpride ultimate edge knife bag is convenient and easy to carry anywhere.

Accommodates extra storage capacity for holding all your kitchen tools in one place, keeping them as safe as possible.

Yet, it may be more practical for culinary students rather than professional chefs.

As it does not hold a lot of weight for all the chef’s knives needed and may feel a little insubstantial in your grip.

2-Noble Home and Chef knife bag-Best Overall

Noble 10 slots chef knife roll bag

Noble 10 slots chef knife roll bag features a stylish and professional design that you need for extra protection of your knives when on the move.

Thanks to the 6oo denier canvas woven from sturdy and durable polyester this is one of the best knives bags.

Offering a cut and puncture-resistant fabric for your roll bag with a strong metal zipper.

KNIVES are not included in the roll bag. Designed to withstand years of daily use.

Additional to the removable handle and adjustable shoulder strap with a sturdy leather buckle for more convenience when transporting your culinary tools.

The Noble roll best knives bags holds up to 15 knives or culinary utensils.

Offering 10 slots for different kinds of knives up to 18″ long, a meat cleaver pouch with handle space, a scissors pocket, 4 slots for tasting spoons, and an additional slot for other tools.

Perfectly with a NAME TAG or business card slot for easy identifying your knife roll bag from others when travelling.

Pros And Cons

  • Adjustable buckles and straps
  • Durable fabric
  • Affordable
  • Holds up to 17″ long blades only

Bottom line

Noble chefs roll bag is an ideal bag for chefs looking for their first culinary bag, affordable price,  and extra protection for their culinary utensils and knives.

Yet, they need to be careful that this bag cannot hold knives more extended than 17″ long or puncture the fabric, or their weight will break the leather buckle.

3- Shun knife bag roll-Velcro Closures

The Shun 8-slot knife bag roll

The Shun 8-slot knife bag roll is an elegant and knife-friendly way to travel with your knives. Offering space up to eight knives in protected elastic pockets.

One of the best knives bags with A zippered canvass pocket inside, perfect for non-bladed kitchen tools.

The interior of this knife bag roll designed with space for business cards.

The roll crafted from PVC-laminated 600 deniers’ plain-woven polyester with nylon straps.

It is crafted with Velcro zippers and offers a padded handle. With D-rings to adjust the strap stamped with the shun logo.

This 8-Slot design will hold a good collection of knives, with completely different sizes, shapes, and styles.

Thanks to these best knife bags, Your utensils and cutlery stay clean. Offering Velcro straps that are stiff enough to carry the bag closed.

Pros And Cons

  • Perfect storing for extra cutlery
  • Covered zippers
  • Excellent for traveling
  • Contains chemicals that cause birth defects
  • Poor strap quality
  • Tiny zippers
  • Zippers stuck in the pockets

Bottom line

Based on the delicate technology in designing this knife roll.

It is one of the best knives bags recommended for travelling chefs, cookery professionals and for storing unused cutlery.

4- Messermeister Heavy Duty Knife Bag-Easy to Clean

Messermeister 8 slots knife bag

Messermeister 8 slots knife bag features the ultimate design for professional or personal chefs and culinary students.

Amazingly, this padded knife bag manufactured from high grade laminated, water-resistant 600-denier nylon. Offering a VAST collection of sizes and colours.

With heavy-duty coil metal YKK and water-resistant zippers sealing the pack on three sides.

One of the best knives bags With eight padded elastic and bolstered pockets with full inside lining.

Additional to a foam core to the exteriors and a D-ring adjustable shoulder strap especially on both ends of the bag.

However, the pockets can hold knives up to 18″ long with extra 3 pockets for pens, one gigantic pocket for other tools and four business cards pockets.

This knife bag offers a LIFETIME warranty. Due to the premium technology and high-quality materials. that may survive harsh operational conditions.

Pros And Cons

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Durable
  • Easy clean
  • Needs knife guards
  • Too short for long knives

Bottom line

Messermeister 8 pocketknife bag is the primary choice for professional chefs and culinary students.

Offering a long-lasting industrial fabric to withstand any harsh working conditions.

Yet, they cannot be washed in a washing machine or submerge underwater.

And preferably you need to use some knives guard to avoid the edges to cut through the bag’s fabric and the scratches on your blades.

5-Mercer Culinary KnifePack Plus-Backpack

Mercer culinary knife bag

Mercer culinary knife bag features a practical and functional design. Suitable for culinary students and personal chefs for the convenience of moving around without worrying about your tools or belongings.

Amazingly, it is one of the best knives bags. Crafted from durable, cut and puncture-resistant nylon fabric with a comfortable handle and padded shoulder straps.

WHAT MAKES IT PERFECT? It organizes your tools and gears in separate compartments.

Including a mini front pocket for business cards or a notepad, a padded laptop sleeve, a removable hard shell cutlery tool case, and a zippered pocket for pens.

Pros And Cons

  • Durable
  • Huge space capacity
  • Need knife guards

 Bottom line

The Mercer culinary knife bag is a multi-function backpack offering flexibility and durability.

Whether you are a culinary student heading to a cooking class or a personal chef going to a client, this is one of the best bags for transporting your belongings as safe as possible.

It is better to use knife guards with this bag, so the edges do not puncture the fabric.

6- Hernest Chef’s Knife roll bag-Travel Friendly

Hernest 10 slots knife roll bag

Hernest 10 slots knife roll bag features a convenient and functional design to carry your knives when going camping, working, or barbequing safely and safely.

This is one of the best knives bags Thanks to the cut and puncture resistant ceramic fabric and waxed canvas.

With 2 durable buckles to secure your knives when rolling the bag to close TIGHT.

Offering the probability of holding 10 kitchen knives up to 18.8″ long with an extra zipper for other utensils like scissors, and a knife sharpener.

Pros And Cons

  • Cut and puncture-resistant
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Poor stitching

Bottom line

Hernest 10 slots knife roll bag is rated as the best chef knife roll.

Defining large capacity, lightweight, and affordable secured design tightly keeps all your kitchen tools from falling out or any damages.

Yet, it would be best if you looked out for the stitches as with regular use they may start ripping off causing small holes in your roll.

7- Hide and drink Handmade leather knife bag-Vintage Style

Hide and drink Handmade leather knife bag

Hide and drink leather knife bag offer chefs to travel with their kitchen tools. Comfortably and conveniently with this classic and stylish bag.

This is one of the best knives bags Crafted from the best full-grain leather with durable and water-resistant olive-green canvas pockets.

Providing space up to 8 knives with different shapes and lengths.

The full-grain elegant leather appearance will improve with time and usage. Reinforced with this patina that makes it shinier.

The leather is stitched with durable and HEAVY DUTY features. that survive the harsh conditions in any kitchen, with an adjustable strap for easy carrying when on the move.

Pros And Cons

  • Elegant and classic look
  • Durable inside canvas
  • Affordable
  • Poor quality strap
  • Breakable buckles

Bottom line

The Hide and drink 8pocket knives bag is ideal for all ranking of chefs. From executive chefs to culinary students.

Easy-rolling with this heavy-duty buckle offering protection for their knives from any damage.

Yet with heavyweights, the buckles could break. So be careful when carrying heavy knives or tools.

8- Boldrick Leather knife Bag-Thoughtful Gift

Boldrick leather knife bag

Boldrick single buckle knife bag is the perfect fit to travel with your kitchen tools in style.

Offering the convenience of storing knives in a one buckle bag for more travel-friendly design.

The durable buckles offer a firmer grip than slots. Ensuring a safer holding for the knives with minimal chance of falling.

The Boldrick best knives bags are durable and excellent features. are ideal for culinary students and professional chefs.

Transporting their knives conveniently with cut and puncture-resistant materials for a LIFETIME guarantee.

The premium leather protects the knives. From moisture, nicks and scratches when travelling or transporting.

With an inside, durable woven canvas and fabric material.

Pros And Cons

  • Perfect quality leather
  • Durable canvas
  • Amazing space
  • No handles to carry
  • Poor Colour

Bottom line

Boldrick knives bag roll is Ideal for personal chefs or culinary students. A beautiful heavy-duty buckle that holds everything in place.

With extra space for all your culinary tools. The perfect fit for travelling.

9-Chef Sac knife Bag-Best Quality

Chef sac 8+ pockets roll bag

Chef sac 8+ pockets roll bag features the ultimate and discrete design suitable for professional chefs and culinary students.

With the courtesy of showing no knives, so no one knows the expensive knives you are carrying.

This best knives bags is Entirely made from durable polyester canvas with high-quality double stitching for maximum durability to WITHSTAND years of daily use.

This bag contains 8+ pocket slots that fit a meat cleaver, 9 knives and a honing rod in addition to 2 pockets with zippers for a sharpening stone, kitchenware and tasting spoons.

Offering this lightweight and strong bag for the convenience of carrying it with this comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap.

Pros And Cons

  • Padded pockets
  • Durable strap
  • High-quality stitches
  • Does not fit long knives
  • Not for heavyweights

Bottom line

The chef sac 8+ pocketknife bag is the best roll for carrying your kitchen knives and tools.

Perfected to be the best knives bags for professional chefs and culinary students with its convenience, efficiency and well made.

Unfortunately, the buckles do not hold up against most weight and will pop undone if too much pressure is applied.

10- Aaron Estilo leather Adjustable Knife Roll Bag-Best Performance

Aaron Estilo leather Adjustable Knife Roll Bag

Aaron Estilo leather 10 pockets knife roll bag features a handcrafted design is one of the best knives bags.

Suitable for professional executive chefs due to its durability and excellent knife holding capabilities.

Amazingly, crafted from a premium quality buff calf leather perfectly stitched for extra durability with 2 attractive ANTIQUE buckles to secure your knives. Additional to an elegant adjustable handle.

This bag roll contains 10  elastic and stretchable pocket slots to hold kitchen knives up to 18″ long.

With a heavy-duty zipper pouch for extra kitchen accessories.

Offering the best buying experience with Aaron leather goods. You get a 1-year warranty on the material and the craftsman of this product.

Pros And Cons

  • Handcrafted
  • Double stitching
  • Elastic and stretchable pockets
  • Not water resistant

Bottom line

With Aaron leather knives bag, you will be surprised by the quality and durability of this roll.

This best knives bag Keeps all your knives safe from dents, scratches or moisture when stored.

Yet, it is not water-resistant. So, make sure that the kitchen counter is dry when placing your leather roll bag.

Frequently asked questions about the Best Knives Bags

Why do chefs carry their own knives?

Most chefs agree on using their own knives, and other kitchen tools give them pride.

Using a blade that is not yours can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. It can be dangerous to use other chefs’ knives.

As you do not know how sharp they are, and unsharpened knives can be unsafe causing.

Why do I need a knife roll?

You would wish to place all your knives within one bag, including the chef’s knife, many paring knives, and other kitchen tools.

So, you recognize your blades, knowing which of them to put in your roll bag ought to be easy. Additionally, to knives, you would want to hold different things.

Appreciate peeler, honing steel, sharpies/pens, thermometers, and the other essential cooking tool.

What things to check before buying a knife bag roll?

  • Material: you want to get a bag crafted from sturdy and durable material. That can withstand the daily use of holding your knives with sharp edges. You also want a material that can protect your blades from the dirt of your kitchen.
  • Capacity: for more knives and tools, you need a larger capacity. It is inconvenient to get 7 slots to roll and expect it to hold more than 10 blades. The best knife roll should have space for each knife in its specific slot to keep them from scratching.
  • Easy to carry: A knife roll designed to ease taking your chef knives around. It should be with a durable handle and adjustable shoulder straps. Offering a comfortable way of bringing your kitchen tools to a workplace or culinary school.

Yet, some products feature a handle or shoulder strap. Make sure of the durable padded handle and comfortable straps.

Final verdict

It is easy to find a knife bag when travelling or moving around, to withstand the kitchen’s harsh conditions.

The best knives bags choice is the Noble knife bag roll with the name tag and durable material quality that withstand the daily use.

Suppose you are a haunting fan and need to carry on the kitchen tools and knives around. Then, the Aaron leather bag rolls are the best knives bag.

For having a storage pocket slot designed with a heavy-duty zipper for carrying any extra accessories. Such as tongs, grater/Lester, garlic press, meat thermometer, and different culinary tools.

For an affordable knife bag that withstands your journey of becoming a professional chef.

Convenient for tossing in your backpack when on the move. The chef sac is the best knives bags to choose for durable bag and secure your knives.

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