How to properly slice tomatoes? | 3 efficient methods

Knowing the proper way to slice tomatoes ensures that you will serve the best dishes and salads.

How to properly slice tomatoes

Tomatoes show in a wide variety of dishes all over the world. From a healthy Mediterranean diet.

It understands how to slice tomatoes properly. Comes at the top basics of the list of the necessary cooking skills.

After all, tomatoes are one of the top ingredients in most chefs’ recipes. And ingredients from across the globe.

Let me talk to you about the right way to cut, slice, dice and wedge tomatoes.

Method 1: How to cut a tomato into slices?

How to cut a tomato into slices

Required tools

  • serrated knife
  • cutting board.
  • Tomato corer or spoon

Step 1: Clean the tomato

Put it on the cutting board faced up. Start cutting around the stem end at the top until you feel the release of the top of a tomato from the skin. Pull out the core with a scooping spoon or a tomato corer.

Step 2: Adjust the tomato on the cutting board.

Put the tomato on its side with the tomato’s cored top facing left or right on the cutting board.

Hold down with the tip of your fingers. According to the thickness you desire for your tomato cut.

Step 3: Cut the tomato

With the serrated knife cut through the skin with a slow parallel motion downwards.

Simultaneously, using your finger knuckles as your knife indicates how thin the slice will be.

Additional to securing it from slipping while cutting. To ensure reducing any risk of injury.

Watch this video of how to cut a tomato into slices?

Method 2: How to slice a tomato into dice?

Required tools

How to slice a tomato into dice
  • Serrated knife.
  • cutting board.

Step 1: Clean the tomato

We will start as we did when we were slicing the tomato into slices. Place it on the cutting board facing up and cut around the stem at the top end to release. Then scoop out the core with a scooping spoon.

Step 2: slice the tomato

Put it on the cutting board with the cored top of a tomato facing right or left.

Decide how large the chunks of tomato dice you need for your dish. And adjust your fingers then with the serrated knife, cut it accordingly since the cut tomato slices’ size will affect the dice’s size.

Step 3: Cut through the slices

Put the slices over each other on their side on the cutting board. Start cutting the tomato cut into strips in the same direction.

Step 4: Dice the strips

Turn around the strips to the other direction. And start cutting the tomatoes slice to create dice out of the strips.

Watch this video to know how to dice a tomato for the recipe of tacos?

Method 3: How to cut a tomato into wedges?

Required tools

cut a tomato into wedges
  • Serrated knife.
  • Cutting board.

Step 1: Clean the tomato

When you want smaller tomato wedges, you do not need to core the tomato’s top stem.

Pulling the green leaves at the top of the tomato with your hands is enough.

Step 2: Cut a tomato

Put it with the pulled stem part facing upon the cutting board. Cut a tomato through the center with the serrated knife in half, then cut into quarters.

Step 3: Create the wedges

Hold each quarter and cut them in half again. By doing that, you should have eight smaller wedges of tomatoes, depending on how large the tomato is.

Watch this video to know how to wedge tomatoes for your salad?

You may be wondering. What if my ingredient needs more creativity than slicing, dicing, or wedging?

Specific recipes require more than that by deseeding or peeling.

Amazingly, getting the seeds out or peeling a tomato is easy as a piece of cake.

How to deseed tomatoes?

deseed tomatoes

Well, there are two easy ways to deseed your tomatoes. But first, you need to understand that the core is where the stem at the top of the tomato keeps the wedges intact.

Keeping the seeds and the pulp inside the fluid pocket. Cut tomatoes into parallel slices will cause this pocket to open bursting the seed and fluid to fall out.

Way 1: wedging

Start by cutting the tomato into six or eight wedges according to its size without pulling out the core.

Hold the wedges down against the cutting board by the core. And start slicing with care to remove the entire seed pocket without opening it.

Way 2: Cut the tomato in half.

Hold it on the side on a cutting board. And cut in half, then start cutting around the core with the knife.

To release all the seeds and fluid from the skin. Use a scooping spoon or any spoon available to take out the seeds.

However, tomato peels may be undesirable in some recipes like pasta sauce. And as we all know, peeling with a knife can be quite a hustle. And may end up ruining the entire tomato because it is thin.

So, How to peel a tomato?

Required tools

How to peel a tomato
  • Boiling water.
  • Knife.
  • Bowl and plate.

Step 1: cut a tomato

Start by using a sharp knife to mark the tomatoes with x cuts on the bottom and place them in a bowl.

Step 2: steam the tomato

Boil some water, pour it over them, and cover it with a plate for a couple of seconds until the skin loosens.

Step 3: Remove the peels

Use a chef’s knife to start peeling at the x cuts side you made on the bottom. And here, you have a beautiful, intact-cut tomato ready to be sliced or diced.

If you are a good tomato fan and just came back from the farmer’s market with loads of fresh tomatoes.

Instead of eating nothing but tomatoes for the next couple of weeks. Let me show you different methods of long term storing your ripe ones. For later use making sure they taste well and smell the same as fresh ones.

How to store green tomatoes at room temperature?

For storing tomatoes at room temperature, follow us in these steps:

store green tomatoes at room temperature
  • You need to start by choosing the right kind. Such as long keeper tomatoes or go for various large green ones that will get ripped by storing.
  • Please do not wash them and make sure they are dry before storing them. There are two ways to place your tomatoes. One uses an apple box with separated paper wrappers to place or wrap each one in a  newspaper. Or you can set them in a plastic container with a thin layer of newspaper between each one. Then make sure to close the box entirely to keep any light out.
  • You can put the wrapped ones in the bottom of your kitchen cabinet or your basement. Making sure they are in a cool place with no direct sunlight.
  • Make a regular weekly checkup for any signs of rotting or mold, turning them on the side while examining. Since they will start ripping first at the part touching the box, also, you need to remove the rotten ones, so do not infect the good ones.
  • Bring them out from the basket and put them on the kitchen countertop. In a sunny and warm spot for a couple of days until they ripe up.

How to dry cut tomato slices?

Follow us in these steps

How to dry cut tomato slices
  • Wash the tomatoes under running water with your fingers and rubbing them until its very clean. Then with a paring knife, cut the tomato in half from the top of the tomato to the bottom.
  • Cut the stem and the brown top with a knife, then use a teaspoon. To scoop out as many seeds as you can, you do not have to remove all the seeds. And you can peel them too if you dislike the skin.
  • Place the slices close together on the baking sheet with the cut side up. So, they do not stick to the tray, which will make it difficult to turn. Please put them in the oven and leave for 4 hours before checking on them.
  • After 4 hours, start turning the slices over and the tray around in the other direction. Repeat the same process every hour from now on.
  • You will know they are done when they do not squish out any moisture or sticky anymore. Most of them will be dry after 8 hours. But it depends on the moisture in each one, so the whole process can take up to 24 hours.
  • Suppose you chose to freeze the dried tomatoes. Place the slices in a plastic zip bag. Squeezing out any air and store them in the fridge for up to one month or in the freezer.
  • However, if you store them in oil, you need to sterilise the jar first by boiling it upside down first and make it dry.
  • Then place the dry tomatoes and pour the olive oil over it until you fill the jar to the top. Making sure you store the pot in a dry and cool place.

How to freeze tomato wedges?

How to freeze tomato wedges
  • Wash them under running water and rubbing them with your fingers until you rinse off all the dirt. Then cut out the brown spot at the top of a tomato brown where the stem was with a paring knife.
  • Cut into the quarter with a sharp serrated knife. That will be easier if you want a small part of a tomato. Or you can freeze small-sized tomatoes if you like.
  • Place the wedges on a plate but not so close to each other. Until they freeze so, you do not need to use your fingers to break them apart.
  • Place the frozen wedges in a container or a zip bag but take out all the excess air. And store in the freezer. An advantage of freezing is the ease of peeling the skins off the wedges after taking them out of the freezer.

FAQs about How to Properly Slice Tomatoes

What are the types of tomatoes?

Amazingly not all kinds fit for all dishes, as many people believe. There are a large of varieties of tomatoes available in the market. Let us a look at some of them:

  • Cherry: are used in salads since they taste tangy and sweet. They come in different colors yellow, red, orange and purple. They are entirely used in skewers due to their small size and round shape.
  • Grape: are commonly confused as cherry. Since they both are small, but the grape is not round, it is more like an oval shape. They have a thick skin holding on to more texture when they are cooked.
  • Red Beefsteak: are the most traditional ones. Familiar to use it in everything from cooking sauces to salsas. They taste mild, juicy, and meaty. Perfect for burgers and sandwiches.
  • Green Beefsteak: are tangy, crunchy, and tart perfect for pickling. And they are often used in artisan sandwiches. They make the best substitute ingredient for granny smith apples and baking pies and different desserts.
  • Roma: is commonly used in salads and bruschetta. They have an odd shape with a tangy and flavorful taste. That is perfect for sandwiches as it does not overpower the rest of the sandwich. Italians are also used heavily in recipes, as an ingredient in Sunday’s gravy and sauces recipe for their real garden taste.
  • Cocktail: have a taste like the traditional ones, with soft skin and meaty structure. They are the perfect ingredients in sauces recipe and barbecue, for their almost sweet and fruit like after taste.
  • Heirloom: have a rich flavour, which is the best ingredients in classic dishes, recipes, sandwiches, and salads. They come in different colors and shapes.

Why refrigerating tomatoes after slicing is essential?

It would be best if you put cut tomatoes in the fridge for the following reasons:

  • If they are very ripe and you bought them ahead of using time. It is good to store them in the fridge to preserve their fresh taste and life expectancy.
  • Suppose you decided to cut them before using. It must store the slices in the fridge until you are ready to serve or use.
  • Freshly cut tomatoes are classified under TCS food. Which means time and temperature control for safety. Time and temperature at which the food needs to be monitored carefully. As they have more chance to attract harmful bacteria faster than other food.
  • Store sliced cuts in a plastic box or a zip bag in the fridge and try using it as soon as possible with three days of storing.

What are the ways to cut cherry tomatoes?

  • Using two plastic lids: put a bunch of cherry tomatoes between the two plastic lids. Then hold firmly with your dominant hand. And with a sharp serrated knife cut through the cherry centre to cut them in half.
  • Put the whole tomato into an egg slicer and press down. To get equal slices quickly and easily.
  • Place a whole tomato on a cutting board, with the stem at the top of the tomato facing upwards. Get an apple slicer and press it down to cut equal wedges.
  • Put a bunch of cherry tomatoes on a baking tray. And hold them down with the bottom of another baking tray. And cut along the centre with a sharp serrated knife.

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