Microwave runs when the door is open

Microwave runs when the door is open. This article will examine the cause of the automatic switch-on of microwaves when the door is opened and present solutions to rectify it.

Continue reading to learn how to troubleshoot your microwave.

Microwave runs when the door is open
Microwave runs when the door is open

The microwave turns on when opening the door

It is important to not just allow it to happen.

When a microwave runs continuously, it needs to be unplugged.

Disconnecting the power supply can assist in diagnosing the issue and ensure your safety.

1. The microwave’s door is defective

If Microwave runs when the door is open, it could be a result of a faulty door.

If the microwave is not operating properly, it will either stay on or shut off when the door is opened.

The presence of a continuous running sound when the door is opened suggests that there is an issue with the door interlock switch.

When your microwave door latches, the latch connects to a switch.

When this switch activates, it allows the microwave to receive power.

If this switch is malfunctioning, it can prevent the microwave from operating or result in it running even when the door is opened.

Malfunctioning microwaves are often caused by the faulty door.

The door of a microwave typically features two or three interlock switches that are responsible for activating the appliance’s lights when opened.

The switch linked to the door latch is responsible for activating the microwave when the door is closed.

Microwave runs when the door is open
Microwave runs when the door is open

There are metal prongs on the microwave.

These metal prongs function by determining whether the door is closed or open.

Those metal prongs are connected to the switches.

They prevent the microwave from starting when the button is pressed

Preventing the microwave from starting works by sending signals to the motor.

It is important to check that the door latch works properly.

A malfunction can interfere with interlock switches.

Consider repairing your microwave instead of discarding it if the door is not functioning properly.

There is a risk of burn injuries if the door of a microwave oven is defective.

It may also cause interference with other nearby electronics.

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Microwave runs when the door is open
Microwave runs when the door is open

2. Sometimes the Interlock switches maintain a connection.

One potential problem with a microwave running autonomously is that the door interlocks may remain pressed.

Switches typically need to be reset after pressing.

If the switches don’t, the microwave will remain in operation.

This issue persists.

The microwave remains operational once the door is closed.

The power button needs to be switched on to activate the microwave.

Microwave runs when the door is open
Microwave runs when the door is open

3. Your Microwave Switches Are Heat-Sensitive

Some microwaves have temperature-sensitive switches.

The switches can operate with very minimal heat, such as warmth from hands or other nearby sources.

To identify if the source of the problem is associated with heat, it is advised to remove the microwave from other appliances.

You need to use a cold object such as a pen to operate any buttons.

Something else is likely the cause of the problem if it remains unresolved.

If not, then heat is the issue.

Fixing the defective Door

It is important to repair the malfunctioning microwave door to make sure it operates only when the door is securely closed.

A screwdriver and other tools are necessary to fix the broken door.

Additionally, you will require additional switches.

Microwave runs when the door is open
Microwave runs when the door is open

They are available on Amazon.com.

Before attempting to repair the door, check that the microwave plug has been unplugged and the capacitor is not active.

Follow the steps for repairing your defective door:

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Human caucasian hand opening black microwave door. indoor household color image in horizontal orientation

1. Repair the smart board.

To access the keypad, start by removing the top of the microwave cabinet.

Behind the keypad, you will find the smart board.

You will see the smart board once you remove the keypad.

2. Locate interlock switches

Count the number of interlock switches on your microwave door and locate them precisely.

Check the microwave oven manual to identify how many and where the interlock switches are located.

Microwave runs when the door is open

3. Access the front electric panel.

Carefully open the fasteners such that it isn’t damaged. Then, open the electric panel.

4. Take out the switch assembly once the electric panel is open.

Carefully remove the three or four switches from the control board.

5. Find the faulty switch.

The switches go inside just after being pressed, then they automatically return as they were before pressing.

If the switches stay pressed and don’t restore their normal position, then they are faulty.

So, press each switch and identify the faulty switches.

6. Replace faulty switches.

Once you’ve identified the faulty switches:

  • find their exact models
  • buy them
  • remove the faulty door switches.
  • put them in place
Microwave runs when the door is open
Microwave runs when the door is open

7. Reassemble all the parts as they were

  • Check whether everything has been put back or not
  • plug in the microwave and check if it runs when the door is open.

Once you ensure repairing the door, your microwave will run only at the right time.

It will never run while your door is open.

Hiring a professional is a must if you don’t know how to fix the microwave.

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