Why is It Important To Use A Cutting Board? (10 Reasons Why!)

You can never find a pro chef’s kitchen with no pro tools, right? And a chopping board is one of these tools! whether it is a butcher block, plastic cutting board, a wooden cutting board, or even a glass cutting board, it is one of the must-have tools in your kitchen.

In the next few lines, we will tell you what makes such a simple cutting surface that important. and we will also tell you how to make the most of it!

The importance of cutting boards

The Importance of Cutting Boards

A cutting board (aka chopping board) is a protective cutting surface to use while cutting food. such surfaces enhance hygiene in your kitchen and prevent cross-contamination, the spread of harmful bacteria and germs.

Everyone looks for sturdiness and safety while cutting food, especially while cutting raw meat. And that is what high-quality chopping board provides.

A high-quality chopping board provides a juice groove, which will hold the running off juices while cutting raw meat or poultry.

A durable and reliable cutting surface also protects your expensive sharp knife from getting dull over time.

What Are the Benefits of a Cutting Board?

What are the benefits of a cutting board?

Cutting boards vary in type. There are carving boards, breadboards, over-the-sink cutting boards, and over stove cutting boards. Plus the various types of cutting boards according to their materials.

you can find glass boards, various rubber board types, various wooden board types (end grain, edge grain, and face grain cutting boards), and plastic boards.

If your kitchen is narrow or short on space and you want to increase efficiency during cooking meals for your family. An over-the-sink board or over stove board is the most helpful option.

Over the sink cutting, surfaces can shorten the time you spend coming and going to and from the sink and trash box.

Most chopping boards come with a juice groove to enhance the hygiene of kitchens. And save the time and effort you spend on cleaning your countertop and washing many dishes while preparing food.

Some of them also come with compartments to save the time you spend cleaning more dishes and bowls.

Some of these durable chopping boards are multi-functional. As you can use them as serving trays and cheese trays for your guests.

You can use them to carve a roast coming out of the oven to make sure that no juices run off onto your clean countertop.

Wondering about elegance and beauty? There are chopping board options that look like a masterpiece in your kitchen. They can elegantly fit your design and décor.

One more noticeable benefit of wooden chopping boards is the durability they offer. Wooden butcher block types, in particular, are famous for withstanding heavy daily use.

If you just took good care of them and oiled them from time to time using any cutting board oil or even coconut oil, that wood cutting board piece can literally last with you for years to come.

Some chopping board options provide finger slots, customized handles, and holes for hanging and passing food through to avoid any mess.

How Many Cutting Boards Should You Have?

Two or three

The number of cutting boards depends on you, how frequently you cook and how many times you chop meat and veggies. We recommend having two or three cutting boards in your service in the kitchen.

Why two or three? one for cutting ready-to-eat foods, veggies, fruits, cooked food, and the other for the chop of raw meat, poultry, and seafood.

Don’t confuse the two products. Try to have two different colors to make it easy for you to remember each one’s purpose.

When Should You Throw Out a Cutting Board?

Replace your wooden cutting board when it starts to have many grooves, warps, and knife marks. A wood board has many laminated wood pieces. When these seams separate, you should replace them.

When these seams separate, the bacteria start to form between them. A cracked chopping board is also not stable and dangerous. So it is probably the right time for you to get a new one!

Final thoughts

A durable chopping board is an important tool in your kitchen. investing in a reliable and high-quality chopping board is really worth it.

It will keep your kitchen countertop clean all the time, protect your high-end sharp knives from turning to dull knives, and will enhance healthcare and hygiene while meal prep.

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