The 5 Best Ceramic Folding/pocket knives review 2021 | EDC easy to carry

Great Value
ASR Tactical Survival Ceramic Folding Knife
ASR Tactical Survival Ceramic Folding Knife
Best Overall
Boker Plus Anti-MC Ceramic Folding Knife
Boker Plus Anti-MC Ceramic Folding Knife
Premium Choice
Stone River Gear G10 Ceramic Folding Knife
Stone River Gear G10 Ceramic Folding Knife

The best ceramic folding knife is an effective and sturdy utensil since they are useful and easy to transport in your pockets anywhere.

They are utilized in the kitchen cutlery. However, nowadays, many pocket knives are made from ceramic, and they are available worldwide.

Since it is a challenge to differentiate between the many versions and models out there, we decided to make it easier to determine which one serves you best by offering the main features and specifications of the best kinds we reviewed. Here is the list of the five preferable ceramic pocket knives for us.

List of best 5 ceramic folding/pocket knives 2021

  1. ASR Tactical Survival ceramic folding knife-Great Value
  2. Boker Plus Anti-MC ceramic folding knife-Best overall
  3. Stone River Gear G10 ceramic folding knife-Premium Choice
  4. Cool Hand 1.5 OZ Ceramic folding pocket knife-Carbon Fiber 
  5. Mojo-Home ceramic folding pocket knife-Multi functional.

Comparison Table

Product namegrindHandle materialBlade style
ASR Tactical Survival ceramic folding knifeFlatceramicRazorCheck Price
Boker Plus Anti-MC ceramic folding knifeStraight   Carbon Fiber, Titanium Drop PointCheck Price
Stone River Gear G10 ceramic folding knifeFlatCarbon Fiber, CeramicDrop PointCheck Price
Cool Hand 1.5 OZ Ceramic folding pocket knifeFlatBlack mirror ceramic, carbon fiberDrop pointCheck Price
Mojo-Home ceramic folding pocket knifeFlat Ceramic, textured ABSRazorCheck Price

The best ceramic folding/pocket knives

1-ASR Tactical Survival ceramic folding knife-Great Value

ASR Tactical Survival ceramic folding knife

ASR Tactical ceramic pocket knife has a convenient and portable design. They are suitable for camping, traveling, and lugging in a small backpack.

The overall dimensions of the knife are 1.7 inches when folded and 2.8 inches when folded. With an overall weight of 1ounces, including a rivet punch hole to clip it on your belt or use it as a keychain.

This knife is made from a stiff and sturdy material which is the second strongest after diamonds. And due to the fact, no metal is incorporated in the knife. They offer a light structure.

These folding knives have injection-molded handles into the blades, making them more corrosion and rust-resistant and conveniently protect the knife when folded.

This knife offers a sharp blade with a chisel edge that withstands bumps and tearing and can easily slide through tough materials.

Pros And Cons

  • Light
  • Longevity
  • Non-metallic
  • Anti-rust and corrosion
  • Cut through tough
  • Materials.
  • Portability
  • Versatile
  • The reasonable value of money
  • One side blade
  • Not strong enough

Bottom line

ASR Tactical pocket knife is an exceptional addition to your camping tool collection. Featuring a lightweight, durable, and foldable structure with a chisel edge will help any emergency. They offer a versatile brass rivet hole providing multiple uses as using it for a key chain.

Yet, many users have stated that the blade requires more sharpening, and they only include one side blade.

2-Boker Plus Anti-MC ceramic folding knife-Best overall

Boker Plus Anti-MC ceramic folding knife

Boker Plus Anti-MC ceramic folding knife has a modern and unique structure, with elegance and slim structure that makes it perfect for holding in small pockets.

The overall of this pocket knife is 7.75 inches, while the blade’s length is 3.25inches. With a weight of 2.5 ounces.

 They are crafted from a 100% non-magnetic blade that provides the ultimate edge retention, and they are corrosion resistant.

The Boker pocket knife is designed from a light, sturdy carbon fiber handle and corrosion-resistant titanium. Including a sturdy liner lock mechanism. Providing a pocket clip and a strap hole for the firm and secure transport due to utilizing the highest material qualities.

Pros And Cons

  • Liner lock mechanism
  • Super sharp
  • Light
  • Carbon fiber
  • Pocket clip
  • High materials qualities
  • Unsatisfying customer service
  • Fragile blade
  • Unfold properly.

Bottom line

Boker Anti Mc folding pocket knife mixed the carbon fiber with the light and durable materials to provide us with such a sharpened knife that maintains its sharp blades and edge retentions.

Yet, it would be best if you were extra careful. They are fragile, and the unfolding of the knife may sometimes be stuck. Besides, the overall customer service is unsatisfactory.

3-Stone River Gear G10 ceramic folding knife-Premium Choice

Stone River Gear G10 ceramic folding knife

Stone river gear folding knife has a compact and exceptional design. They are used more like a pairing kitchen knife and suitable for outdoor activities and foremost everyday carry.

In contrast with any EDC knife, this knife’s length is much smaller, with a total length of inches in total. This different structure makes it more legally user-friendly.

The Stone river blade is crafted from light Zirconium oxide, which makes it 10 times sharper than any traditional pocket knife, and they are corrosion and rust-resistant.

As for the light carbon fiber handle, they are designed with ergonomic double thumb rivets. A liner lock mechanism offers a comfortable and firm grip and more security during carrying in your pocket. Besides, they include a stainless steel tip-up pocket clip that assists in holding everyday usage.

Pros And Cons

  • Extra sharp
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight to carry.
  • Long.
  • Legally user friendly
  • Thin and fragile blade
  • Contains chemicals.

Bottom line

Store river gear pocket knife is the appropriate alternative for any pairing knife in the kitchen or outdoors due to its high-quality structure and durability. It is offering extra-long points for more versatility.

They need extra caution while using it as the blade is too thin and long and may crack under pressure. And they contain chemicals that may contain a chemical that causes cancer and birth deficiencies.

4-Cool Hand 1.5 OZ Ceramic folding pocket knife-Carbon Fiber 

Cool Hand 1.5 OZ Ceramic folding pocket knife

Cool Hand folding pocket knife has an elegant and straightforward design, suitable for offering it as a gift for someone you cherish who loves outdoor activities at an affordable price.

This blade features 7.75 inches when it is unfolded and 3.25 when folded. With a total weight of 1.5 ounces and it can satisfy all your cutting requirements in any intense situation.

The blade is crafted from a black mirror ceramic material non-metallic or magnetic with a feather or cool hand logo stamped on the blade. Coming with an outstanding guarantee.

This EDC ceramic pocket knife is made from a 100% carbon fiber handle, providing a comfortable and firm grip. This pocket knife includes a tip-down pocket slide with a strap hole for more flexibility.

Pros And Cons

  • Super sharp
  • Light to carry.
  • Guarantee
  • Ease of portability
  • The reasonable value of money
  • Requires extra sharpening.
  • Thin and very brittle blade 

Bottom line

Cool Hand folding pocket knife offers the ultimate lightness with long-lasting durability. Being rust and corrosion resistant since they are do not contain any stainless steel.

Yet, they may require more sharpening after long and frequent usage. And the ceramic blades are very fragile and slim that may flake under an aggressive sharpening.

5-Mojo-Home ceramic folding pocket knife-Multi functional

Mojo-Home ceramic folding pocket knife

The mojo-Home ceramic folding pocket knife has a unique and versatile design. They are suitable for indoor tasks, crafting projects, and even camping.

The blade edge total length is 7 inches, 3inches for the blade, and 4inches for the handle. They are convenient to keep in your car or backpack for easy access.

This ceramic pocket knife features a super sharp ceramic blade that is rust and corrosion resistant and is not affected by any liquids, acids, or moisture.

The handles are manufactured from an ABS texture that offers a comfortable and firm grip. With an easy-to-use locking tab to press for unfolding these pocket knives.

Pros And Cons

  • Light
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • ABS handles
  • Giftable
  • Not safe for children
  • Needs sharpening.

Bottom line

Mojo-Home pocket knives are the best choice for indoor chores and the right gift for your loved ones. They are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. You can use them in wet situations without compromising their efficiency.

Yet, they are not toys, so they cannot be left around children and may need sharpening before using the right out the box.

FAQs about the Best Ceramic Folding Pocket Knives

1-How much sturdiness do ceramic folding knives features?

They are crafted from a very sturdy and tough zirconia dioxide. And heated to the maximum heat to create a tough blade.

Then the edges are sharpened on a sharpening rod. or wheel with coating it a speck of diamond dust through professional workers until the blade is super sharp.

The ceramic blades’ sturdiness refers to the level of sharpness it reaches on the mole scale. So, for instance, the hardened steel reaches between 7.5 and 8 on the scale.

While the ceramic reaches 8.5 when hardened on the scale. This means that ceramic remains sharpen for a longer time than normal kitchen knives.

2-What should not you do with ceramic knives?

It would help if you prevented any utilizing that involves twisting and flexible movements since they can ruin the cutting edge. Here are a few foods and elements that should not be cut with a ceramic blade.

  • Bones: slicing through tough bones are not suitable for ceramic since it can damage the edge. The ceramic blades are very stiff and maybe ruined while twisting or extensive force.
  • Frozen food: to limit damaging the blade, you should not slice through frozen foods. Slicing through frozen items will apply pressure on the side, causing to chip or break.
  • Cutting: slicing food using a chopping motion is not recommended. Also, any chore that requires bending motion. Like carving meat involving bone or filleting fish.
  • Crushing: never place the knives on their side. To crush cloves of garlic, spices, or other food since the blade can break.
  • Hard food: they are not designed to slice through food with hard skins like pineapple, watermelon, and pumpkin. Also, cheese blocks may damage such a blade since it requires a handful of powerful force and power.

A ceramic knife is not meant to open anything such as plastic packages or lids off cans. They are crafted to cut food only.

3-What are the benefits of ceramic utility knives?

  • Due to the sharpness and the light of the ceramic blades, they became a prime part of any kitchen knife set.
  • Most cooks turn to them for accurate slicing since they are much lighter and more efficient when cutting large quantities of food without tiring the hands or turning dull.
  • They are anti-rust and stains, as they are durable, and the load is well balanced. Experienced cooks specifically utilize them in peeling and slicing delicate fruits and vegetables like figs, grapes, tomatoes, and onions.
  • In comparison with steel knives, they are mostly corrosion and rust-resistant. So, they do not react or absorb liquids, salt, or acids. They are limiting the food from getting browner or changing the taste.
  • Also, they maintain the food fresher and providing us with clean and even cuts.
  • Besides, steel knives begin to get dull after more frequent use. Yet, the sharpness can be maintained for a long period. And they will preserve their attractive appeal.

4-Is ceramic knives any good?

Of course, yes, without thinking about maintaining the super jagged side for a ceramic knife for a long time. Due to the manufacturing materials.

Yet, their outstanding sturdiness comes with huge concerns about chipping. Since the lack of any strengthened additives, the edges are inclined to break.

They have gained their new reputation as one of the sturdiest utility items after adding more substances during manufacturing, categorizing them as top-class cutlery kits.

It is tempting when you compare ceramic knives to select the cheaper ones. That will be a challenge since the production process. And the material required is all expensive, which the producers will need to cover such costs by passing them to the overall price.

5-How to care for your pocket knives?

Cleaning your knives does not differ from owning plastic, metal, or plastic knife handles. However, wooden handles will require extra care for cleaning and getting off the rust. But lets us go over the standard steps for cleaning.


  • Toothpick
  • A small brush or old toothbrush
  • Q tips
  • Lubricants
  • Soapy warm water
  • Paper towel

Step 1: remove dirt and grease

Open your knife and remove a speck of stuck dirt or grease from your handle with a toothpick. If the lock mechanism does not open correctly, this will solve that problem. Ensure that the knife is dry, or the removed dirt will get stiff, and the knife will be harder to clean.

Step 2: Rinse and scrub

After removing all the stuck dirt and grease, rinse the knife under some warm water over the sink, cleaning the handle’s inside.

Put a little soap on your brush or toothbrush carefully scrub the whole brush thoroughly. Keeping in mind the lock mechanism, ensuring that you removed all the grease, dirt, or sand. That will allow you to have a firm grip when the blade is open.

Step 3: clean each blade separately, then clean the inner part

For cleaning a multi-tool folder knife, start by scrubbing every single item separately. Then unfold the knife. Once every item is cleaned, unfold all of them and clean the inside of the frame.

Utilize the Q tips to clean the frame inside, reaching the corners and curves. Rinse the knife thoroughly, and immediately dry it with a soft towel.

Step 4: lubricate

Once the blade is dried, start with lubricating the edges, rivets, and any movable parts. There are numerous kinds of lubricants like petroleum-based products.

Yet, if you utilize your knife in slicing food. It is recommended to use a food-safe lubricant like minerals and vegetable oil.

Step 5: wipe it

After spraying the lube all over the necessary parts without overusing them, employ a paper towel to wipe down any excess oil off the surface.

It is recommended to wipe down any lubricated part to limit any future rusting or cracking.

Note that: if you are dealing with a wooden handle, it is essential to wipe down all the oil from the handle. Also, many craftsmen recommend using licensed food-safe oils.

6-Why ceramic knives are too sturdy?

The hardness of zirconia is a double-edged sword, intending to speak. Their hardness allows preserving a side that is longer than maximum metallic blades. However, their inherent brittleness approaches their usefulness is limited.

Hard substances and bone purpose. That could all damage the delicately satisfactory fringe. And prying moves are positive to damage a ceramic blade.

Anyone who desires a knife handiest for infrequent slicing of softer substances. I ought to be thrilled to locate an exceedingly intense side each time a folder is opened, though.

Even beneath regular use, they can preserve slicing lengthy beyond the time. In contrast, a steel blade will want sharpening if the substances are all quite soft.

Final verdict

Suppose you are an outdoor enthusiast and prefer a portable. and compact folding knife that is light and durable.

With an easy unfolding mechanism that helps face emergency and survival situations. Thanks to its chisel edge, it can cut through a tough fiber like a piece of cake. And withstand numerous uses without repeated sharpening.

And provide a strap hole for an easy bearing with the best material. Then the ASR Tactical Survival ceramic folding knife are the best quality pocket knives.

Suppose you are a newbie for owning a pocket knife. This is the ultimate choice. It offers a unique mixture of the materials. that crafted these knives only from a 100% non-magnetic ceramic with outstanding edge retention and corrosion-resistant.

Offering light and durable titanium handles. Those are secured with an incorporated frame lock mechanism. Comin with a pocket slide and a belt hole for convenient holding. Then the Boker Plus Anti-MC ceramic knife is the best performance knife.

Suppose you are looking for both toughness and performance. This is the best option. A folding pocket knife made from a black zirconium oxide ceramic with carbon handles. With a double ergonomic thumb releasing buttons to release the blades.

And offers the versatility of usage in the kitchen or outdoors. They are maintaining their sharpness for 10 times longer periods. Than any conventional steel blades. Then the Stone River Gear G10 ceramic folding knifeare the best overall knives.

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