How do I Choose a Portable Induction Cooktop?

If you have little or no experience with induction stoves but want to buy one. You should first understand portable induction stove basics by watching the following video and will discuss the critical factors to consider for buying the best induction cooktop directly.


The power of the portable induction cooktop is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting the best portable electric stove. Many believe that the higher the Wattage setting, the more effective the stove.

Many folks believe that buying a high-wattage stove will result in faster cooking. In fact, the opposite is true.

High-wattage cooktops are unquestionably more expensive because they consume more electricity and power.

When deciding which wattage rate to use. Consider the number of people in your household as well as the size of the cookware you intend to use.

Let me try to make it simpler for you.

For example, if your family consists of no more than three people, a 1700-Watt induction cooktop is an excellent choice.

For 4 to 5 people, choose an 1800 watt and gradually increase the wattage rate as the number of members grows.

You should also remember to Think about your home’s power supply before purchasing an induction unit. The majority of homes have a standard 230-240-volt power supply with 30 or 50-amp circuitry.

Since 30-ampere circuits are standard in older homes, consult an electrician if you are unsure about the power supply. Choose a unit that will work well with the power supply you have available.

Types of induction portable cooktops

To help you choose the best induction stove. You should first understand the various types of induction cooktops that are currently available on the market. Which are as follows:

  • Built-in cooktops: This type of electric stove is installed directly on the kitchen countertop. They have a large selection of cooking plates that are ideal for large families with many members. The only disadvantage is that they are not portable, so you will not be able to transport them.
  • Portable and compact induction cooktop: this type has a single cooking plate that will suit you best if you are a bachelor or have a small family. It is easy to clean and very lightweight for portability.
  • Freestanding Induction cooktop: This type is versatile in terms of shape and color. They can be installed between counters, are simple to clean, and are simple to use. This stove has the advantage of having an electric oven.

So First, you need to consider the width of your kitchen counter and the amount of available cooking space. Most homes have a traditional gas burner, which takes up a lot of counter space.

If you go with a built-in induction unit, you will have to do some major construction works and remodel the kitchen counter.

On the other hand, portable induction stoves are unique because they are easily adjusted on your counter.

Suitable cookware

Suitable cookware

When selecting the best induction cooktop, you should keep in mind if you are using the proper cookware that goes with this type of electric stove.

It’s worth noting that most of your standard cookware will work perfectly with this cooktop.

However, you must ensure that they are made of dense metal. And that if a standard magnet sticks to the bottom, then they are suitable for use with this electric stove.

Control panel

Most induction stoves now include a digital control panel. That displays the basic and straightforward settings. You must ensure that the control panel’s signals and buttons are simple to understand. and that the interaction is safe and user-friendly.


The majority of induction stoves on the market include a pre-programmed cooking timer. This means the stove will turn off automatically when the timer ends.

This feature allows you to cook a dish without worrying about overcooking it if you are distracted from watching the stove.

However, you must ensure that the timer is adaptable if you want to change the timer for a specific dish.

Child safety lock

This option is helpful if you have small kids in the house. During the cooking process, simply press the automatic lock button.

It is worth noting that this feature is very effective. Because it locks the entire keypad of the control, so if one of your children presses any button, it will not respond.

Furthermore, if it has a touch system, the cooking process will not be interrupted. even if you unintentionally touch it.

Most induction stoves have an auto shut-off feature. That turns off or lowers the temperature in the event of overheating. Or removing the pan from the cooking plate.


The majority of induction cooktops are designed with a flat surface made of glass or ceramic materials.

The advantage of this flat structure is that it prevents the cookware from slipping.

It is worth noting that while they are typically designed with a flat surface. they do offer some shape variations such as a rectangle, square, and circular. To give you a wide range of options to choose from.

Quality of the induction coil

If you’re looking for a low-cost model, the wattage range will most likely be between 900 and 1350 watts.

Aside from that, the surface is also built with a heat-tempered or ceramic glass on top. With a body made of plastic and aluminum.

As well as a PCB panel for lower wattage.

When choosing this type of stove, any power instabilities may have an immediate impact on the motor’s functionality. That is why I would recommend ensuring that the induction stove has a copper coil. To increase the cooktop’s longevity and performance.


The majority of recent induction stoves on the market include few sensors to help with any cooking tasks.

For example.

  • heat sensors that operate automatically
  • automatic pan detection
  • Safety sensors
  • automatic cut power.

When deciding which stove to buy, it is best to go with these sensors to improve efficiency. And the functionality of the cooking process.

They will also help reduce power consumption and ensure your safety while using this unit. Most induction stoves have an auto shut-off feature that turns off or lowers the temperature. When the pan is removed from the cooking plate or overheated.

It regulates the temperature of the bottom of the cookware. So if you leave a pan on high heat, the temperature changes to prevent damage to the bottom of the pan or the surface of the cooking plate.

It is worth noting that this safety cut-off feature is standard on all induction stoves. If a cooking plate is left on for an extended period of time without being turned off, it will turn off independently.

The length of time required to activate the safety cut-out is determined by the stove’s heat setting.

Auto heat-up allows the cooking plate to warm up to a higher temperature. And automatically reduce to a preset temperature after a predetermined amount of time.

Cookware size

In terms of pan sizes, induction stoves can carry both large and small pans.

However, if you used a smaller pan than the recommended size, it would not detect the pan’s bottom and shut down.

To get the best performance, use the same pan size as the cooktop coil plate. So, before you decide which induction stove to buy, double-check the size of the pan that you frequently use.

Cookware recognition:

The induction stove will not work if there is no pan, or an inappropriate pan used on the cooking plate.

In addition, if the pan is removed from the plate, a dysfunctional symbol will appear on the display screen and disappear once the pan is returned.

Additionally, if an unsuitable pan is used, the symbol will appear again, and the stove will turn off after a limited time.


As with any other appliance, choose an induction cooker that offers a warranty. Remember to inquire about spare parts availability.

Check to see if a service center for the brand is located near you.

In general, the warranty on an induction cooker is one or two years. The longer the guarantee, the safer you’ll be. Compare warranty periods before buying any induction cooker.

Final thoughts

Induction cooktops can completely transform your cooking experience; when shopping for an induction cooktop, keep the following factors in mind.

 In addition to these considerations, keep your budget in mind when selecting an induction cooktop.

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