How to chop onions without crying? | 8 Hacks to Slice Easily

Have you ever felt like you really want to eat something but don’t want to slice or cut onions since it is a bit hard and makes you cry?

At the same time, onions make this meal more delicious.

We have read so many questions asking about how do chefs cut/dice onions without tears?

Here I will give you EIGHT HACKS to cut onions without crying, just like a master chef.

How to chop onions without crying- Chop quickly like a master chef

How do chefs chop onions without crying?

Method #1: Put the onion in the fridge

Put the onion in the fridge

I know it may seem crazy, but hell yes! It does a great job.

Putting the onions in the fridge for 30 minutes before cutting will help you to reduce the sulfur chemicals that come out when slicing onions.

When stored dry, onions have a high level of sulfur, which makes you cry more.

Letting them chill before using the sulfuric compounds will not react with the air as fast as when they are cold.

Although you may feel that your hands are freezing, I think getting rid of the teary eyes is worth this feeling.

But don’t worry you can wear protective gloves, which will save your hands from getting freezed.

This method really works! Open your fridge and put it inside and try it now and cut onions without tears in your eyes.

Method #2: Cut the onions near a heat source

Cut the onions near a heat source

When we say a heat source, we mean a kettle, pan, flame, or any burning source that steam comes out from.

Here we have to rely on science; the steam will catch out vapors (propanediol oxide, sulfur) that come out from the onion and evaporate them.

Only open a flame and start to slice your onions in a half.

Method #3: Open a tap and cut the onions under the running water

Open a tap and cut the onions under the running water

 Giving the fact that this hack is a bit tricky, it also works well.

The theory behind this tip is that the cold running water helps to absorb the chemical gas-sulfur from the onion while cutting.

This one is an efficient tip, but it may seem a little difficult. When you cut onions underwater, the bits of onions float around until you grab them right after chopping and drain the water with care.

If you decide to try this hack, you have to be very careful.

Method #4: chop onions in front of the kitchen fan/vent

chop onions in front of the kitchen fan/vent

This method is as efficient just like making the onion chill in the freezer or refrigerator.

You only need a small fan or any air source in front of you while you cut onions.

By doing so, the circulating air will help you to keep tears away by blowing the chemical gas that comes from onions away from your eyes.

So you are not only blowing your tears away; you are also blowing away the chemicals that rise from the onion into your eyes, mouth, and nose.

Don’t hesitate; just open your kitchen fan and try it now!

Method #5: Use a razor-sharp knife

Try to use a very sharp knife or sharpen yours before cutting onions.

Use a razor-sharp knife

Here we go also for a frequently asked question which is how do chefs chop so fast?

This hack is not only for making the chopping process easier or faster but also helps you to get the free-tears eye.

The theory says that the less damage you do to the onion’s cell walls, the less damage in your eyes you would get.

A Razor-sharp knife will help you do less damage to the onion skin, and little gas, like propanediol s oxide, will be released as well.

Cut the whole onion without tears with this excellent method and prepare the most delicious meal.

Method #6: Chewing gum

This hack goes directly with the idea of keeping your mouth open and breathing from.

Chewing gum will help you breathe through your mouth while you chop onion since it is difficult to keep your mouth open.

Chewing gum

Another hack has the exact mechanism, which is putting a piece of bread in your mouth.

At the same time, such hacks can be difficult for those who are unable to do several tasks at once.

For me, I would eat this piece of bread another time, not while chopping onions!

So, when you chew gum, you will get an easy method to breathe through your mouth, and as a result, you won’t smell the gas and the chemicals released in the cutting onion process with your nose.

You are supposed not to have teary eyes.

You only need gum and a knife and start to cut an onion in half and make the most delicious meal for you, without tears in your eyes.

Method #7: Put the onion in the microwave at 50% power until the internal temperature reaches 158 F

Put the onion in the microwave

This one is not very efficient, but it’s still a hack!

Putting the onion in the microwave will work just like chilling the onion hack but in contrast.

The heat generated from the microwave makes the onion soft, releasing water, and losing its hot favor.

But there is a con that is important to mention; all the house will smell like onions that you have put in the microwave, and the microwave will soften the onion, and there is juice coming out with it.

Method #8: Buy goggles!

Buy goggles

Finally, if you tried all these tips and nothing worked with you, you will have to try the most trusted hack.

Just go to the hardware and get one for you!

Goggles are used by hardware, which means that it is supposed to prevent fog and maximum clarity and protect your eyes from stuff in his place.

That means that if you wear it, it will totally prevent your eyes from tear.

Note that goggles are not like regular sunglasses.

Make the most delicious recipes now!

Final thoughts:

You must reduce the chopped onion chemicals if you want free-tear eyes when chopping the onion.

And for more comfortable onion chopping tasks, please have a look at the best onion choppers article. Choose the tip that goes directly with your needs.

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