How To Use a Strawberry Huller? | 4 Easy Coring Methods

Have you been lately to a party, and there was that delicious strawberry plate presented in such a glamorous way with its cores removed with perfection?

Wondering how long it took them to deliver such a presentation.

Well, here is the secret,  THE MAGICAL HULLER. now all you need is to know how to use a strawberry huller?

What hulling a strawberry means?

A strawberry huller is a small device used in removing the white center core of the berry with the gem and the green stem leaving the skin intact for any delicious recipe. So, a lot of you wonders.

What hulling a strawberry means?

Hulling strawberries is removing both the green area around the stem and that hard center.

This green “hull” on every strawberry is mostly known as a stemgem. However, they are more typically known as hulls, tops, caps, cores, or stems.

Now, we come to the point of.

Do you or do not hull your strawberries?

While the berries hulls are edible, they are not very palatable. It would be better if you removed it for the exact cause you get rid of pineapple‘s hard internal center. It is just not pleasant to eat.

Additional to, lots of dishes call for it. Strawberries have as an alternative hard internal center. 

So, it is an excellent idea to hull strawberries before proceeding in your delicious recipes.

So, why use a strawberry huller and not any other alternatives?

why use a strawberry huller and not any other alternatives

Using a huller reduces the time with minimal skin waste left behind from coring a lot of the strawberry’s top by a paring knife.

It is safe for all ages and faster. Especially when having a bulk of strawberries to the hull for canning.

Amazingly, the market is advertising hullers targeting the advantage of being multipurpose tools.

Offering multipurpose gadgets used on various fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and pineapples.

The classic huller is a piece of folded metal tweezers with a handle and sharp teeth edges.

All you need is to pinch the area around the green stem with a digging motion to hull the center out at the same time.

Nowadays, there are more modern alternatives featuring more options for making the hulling process much more comfortable.

I bet most of you know more about these modern models now available in the market.

But let me ask you this first.

How to use a strawberry huller?

The convenience when using a strawberry huller is that you save more flesh of the fruit that u desire.

It is fun and much safer if you are clumsy when it comes to slicing using knives.

Tools required

  • Water
  • Kitchen paper towel
  • A strawberry huller
  • Whipped cream or Nutella

Step 1

Rinse your strawberries with water before hulling, so it does not soak a lot of liquid and become soggy and sticky.

Step 2

Pick up a strawberry in one hand. Then hold the huller in your other dominant hand between your thumb tip and forefinger.

step 3

Place the huller edges with its different shapes around the top green stemgem, and insert it with a gentle penetration.

Step 4

Press into the fruit skin, twist, and then pull out to remove the core from the tool.

Step 5

Rinse the huller with some warm water to get rid of the fruit juices, and remains clung on the teeth edges to ensure the tool’s longevity.

Step 6

Once your berries are hulled, they are ready to be filled with whipped cream or covered with warm Nutella.

Now, we need to acknowledge that many versatile models in the market may require different hulling methods.


To put things straight, we need to know that the top chef recommendation for a strawberry huller is the SCOOPING style gadgets.

To clarify things better, let us describe these products to explain

How to use different models of strawberry hullers?

Model 1: Use a Straw-like style huller

 Use a Straw-like style huller

We are all familiar with hulling a strawberry with a plastic straw. Well, this huller model features the same options with the same techniques.

But it offers some sharp teeth at the top of the straw to ease up the removal of the center, with minimal waste of the berries skin.

Amazingly, one of the most significant products of this model is the Tovolo strawberry huller.  

featuring an ergonomic and colorful red handle, designed with finger indents for a more comfortable grip and a high-quality stainless-steel tube with sharp teeth

Required tools

  • Water
  • Straw like strawberry huller
  • Fresh berry

Step 1: Clean your strawberries

Rinse your strawberries before hulling, so they do not get soggy from absorbing extra water and get slippery.

Step 2: Positioning

Place the straw-like end at the berry’s pointed base, push the straw upwards through the white center.

Until the core, the gem with the green stem pops out, leaving the fruit flesh intact.

Step 3: Washing your huller

Wash the huller with some water, clean all the berries’ remains stuck on the teeth edges, and the juices to ensure the tool’s longevity.


 So, suppose you want to remove the entire core of a strawberry. In that case, Tovolo straw-like huller comes in.

Think of it like a strawberry pitter removing the whole leaves, stem, and the white core.

If you cut the hulled strawberry in half, you will find the white part removed.

It is worth mentioning that its best suited to hull nig sized strawberries because it cores all sized berries.

The only alternative to this device is using a plastic straw. But it would be fine when using it to hull a small tray of berries, and it would bend or break when hulling a bulk of strawberries.

Model 2: Use a claw-like style huller

The claw-like design is new to the strawberry huller’s products.  And still, a runner up undergoing a lot of tests.

However, stemgem huller is one of the best gadgets available in the market as it is effective and fun for the kids to encourage them to eat healthy fruit.

Use a claw-like style huller

This hulling device features a colorful red ergonomic handle and a green button on the top.

With high-quality stainless steel blade edges that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, thanks to taking its pieces apart.

Required tools

  • Warm water
  • A claw-like huller
  • Fresh berry

Step 1: Make sure your huller and strawberries are clean

Wash your berries before hulling and rinse your huller before using it to get rid of any residue from the previous use.

Step 2: Adjusting the width of the claw

Press the top green button to open the claw wide enough to grab the berry’s stem area.

Step 3: Positioning

Push the huller into the skin of the strawberry with an angle. Then with the claw inside the berry release the button.

Step 4: Slice through the skin

Gently twist the huller that the claws edges cut the inner core of the strawberry. To cut a circle in the skin.

Step 5: Clean your huller

Rinse the huller under warm water to get rid of the strawberry juice. Not giving it a chance to dry and becomes difficult to dry.


Unfortunately, not all claw-like strawberry hullers tested were winners. They fail in one thing or another.

For example, like the OXO good grip huller felt short on how big the claw edges open.

 Leaving the testers gutting the inside of small strawberries tending to leave behind some green stem on the strawberry when twisting to slice the stem.

As for progressive strawberry huller, it was tested to be a horrible product. When used on stiff berries, the blade may spin and splatter the fruit juice.

Even when using it on soft strawberries, the blades were not sharp enough that you struggle to cut through the flesh ending up using your fingers to pull out the rest of the core.

Model 3: use a Scooping style huller

If you plan to prepare a homemade strawberry jam preserve, then be ready to hull a bulk of berries.

 use a Scooping style huller

This scooping style huller allows you to core out the hulls quicker than any other tool.

Amazingly, this scooping huller can core the toughest strawberry without worrying that the metal part will bend or flex due to its sturdy design.

It is also worth mentioning that this hulling stem removers most of the skin intact after removing the white core, leaving minimal waste behind for your salads.

Even better, this tool is usually a multipurpose tool that u can use to hull tomatoes.

The Joie MSC international huller and the Norpro huller are the most recommended by chefs.

It features durable stainless steel with a bold red high-quality plastic, in addition to an ergonomic handle for a comfortable and easy-to-hold handle.

Required tools

  • Scooping design huller
  • Warm water
  • Fresh berry

Step 1: Hold your berries and huller

Placing a berry in your dominant hand and the huller in the other. For better control on the fruit while hulling

Step 2: Positioning

Position the scoop’s teeth just under the green stem area around the stem where the leaves are joined to the berry.

Step 3: Simple press

Apply gentle pressure to penetrate the skin of the strawberry with a scooping angle motion

Step 4: Lift your huller

Start pulling the hull with the same motion as soon as the scoop’s teeth start cutting through the skin pull upwards.

Step 5: Clean your huller

Remove the leaves and the stemgem from the berry by hands from the teeth on the scooping spoon. As sometimes the skin get clung to it.


Using the scooping method works best by holding the scoop spoon remover in your dominant hand and the other’s strawberry.

It would be better to work over a bin or trash for discarding the hull more quickly with one hand while picking the next one.

Scoop hullers are perfect for those who want to keep most of the skin of the strawberry intact.  

The best scooping huller us the Norpro acting as a multipurpose tool.

It is big enough for strawberries and hulling a whole tomato with minimal waste of flesh.

Unfortunately, another scooping spoon core remover model is produced by the progressive company available in the market.

However, with the combination of a scooping blade with a plastic blade guard. It is one of the Least favorites.

Model 4: How to use a Tong like huller?

How to use a Tong like huller

The tong-like style strawberry huller offers a new level of versatile use not found in any other gadgets. Turning the tedious job of hulling into a fun and time-saving process.

Amazingly it works as an efficient multipurpose tool. Designed to be ideal for all sizes of fruits and veggies. As it can be used on potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and pineapples

The top tong stem remover recommended by chefs are the kasmena and the Yafkoo huller.

It features an ergonomic handle with a durable stainless steel sharp tooth on the ends of the tong.

This tool is convenient, comfortable, and labor-saving to use. Hulling a lot of strawberries with a minimal waste of skin left behind

The most classic huller is folded metal tweezers with a handle and sharp teeth edges.

Nowadays, more advanced models from this type of core remover make it sturdier and more flexible to use.

The most many products of these hullers are the kasmena and the Yafkoo strawberry tong hullers.

Featuring a comfortable handle with an elastic piece on the top spring and stainless-steel teeth at each tong’s ends.

Required tools

  • Water
  • Tong strawberry hullers
  • Fresh strawberries

Step 1 Positioning

Gently press the top part of the green stem on the berry with digging in motion.

Step 2 Cut in a circular motion

Start twisting the tweezers like tong until you feel that the stem with the core is cut from the strawberry’s inner.

Step 3 Lift and release

Pull out and release to remove the stem part. Leaving the rest of the fruit skin intact.


The tong style huller is America’s least favourite of all the different types of core removers out there.

Some tongs were made of stiff and difficult material, making them too tight to use.

Others were easy to squeeze, causing the testers to smash the strawberry’s skin, splattering out the juice and leaving a mess behind.

One of the tong style hullers that still stick to the classic design is Fox run huller.

However, it is recognizable that the device’s metal is too flimsy to penetrate a soft strawberry and rust easily.

Even if you managed to put the huller in the right position. You will probably find it unable to safely remove the stem.

What are the top tips and advice about how to use a strawberry hullers?

  • Like knives and other kitchen tools with blades, it is better to hand wash your huller even if its dishwasher is safe. To ensure the longevity and the sharpness of the edge stays longer.
  • When hulling a strawberry, twist the stem first. You will know where to place your huller and be better able to see what you are doing.
  • After using a strawberry huller, it is usually better to rinse. Cleaning it with warm water, preventing the liquids from hardening on its edges. However, they are relatively easy to clean.
  • If you plan to regularly use the huller, make sure that it is made of durable materials and practical design to ensure it lasts long. Regardless of the money you will spend to purchase it.
  • Look for a huller featuring an ergonomic, comfortable size for your hand. To prevent tiredness after prolonged use because, as we all know, hulling strawberries is considered a tedious job.
  • Besides the benefits of featuring a comfortable ergonomic handle. Always look for a compact design. They are likely easier to store in your kitchen drawer or tuck on your dishwasher’s top rack.
  • Please stay away from hullers that take a lot of the flesh when coring a strawberry, as they may not leave enough fruit skin for you to enjoy.
  • There are many versatile hullers out there in the market. When buying one, make sure you can use it on various fruits and veggies like carrots, tomatoes, and pineapples.
  • If you use the huller for foods other than berries, consider a huller that can fit any size of fruits and veggies.

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