10 Best Oyster Knife for Shucking 2024 | Shucker Knives Review

Great Value
Update International Pro-Grip Oyster Shucker Knife
Update International Pro-Grip Oyster Shucker Knife
Best Overall
Hicoup Oyster Shucking Knife Set
Hicoup Oyster Shucking Knife Set
Premium Choice
TANG SONG 8PCS Oyster Shucking Knife
TANG SONG 8PCS Oyster Shucking Knife

Are you an oyster lover who is used to losing one of your expensive kitchen knives every time you shuck a stubborn oyster? It is probably the time you should get yourself an oyster knife for shucking.

Oyster knives come in various materials, sizes, and prices. that’s why we gathered you the best oyster shucker knives in the market right now to help you get the knife that meets your needs from the comfort of your home.

List of the Best Oyster Knife for Shucking 2024

  1. Hicoup Oyster Shucking Knife Set & Glove – Shucker Kit– Best Overall
  2. TANG SONG 8PCS Oyster Shucking Knife-Premium Choice
  3. Update International Pro-Grip Oyster Opener-Great Value
  4. Ken Onion Brewshucker stainless steel Oyster Knife-Ergonomic Design
  5. Victorinox 7.6399.3-X1 Oyster Knife 2-3/4-Inch Hooked Tip– Haven-style blade
  6. Momoni Premium Oyster Knife Set (2 Knives)-Ultimate Shucker
  7. Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Non-Slip Oyster Knife– Non-slip
  8. Dexter Russell Haven Style Oyster Knife – Sani-Safe Series– NSF approved
  9. Swissmar Shucker Paddy Universal Oyster Shucking Knife-Ultimate Protection
  10. Oyster Knife by Archer – Premium Oyster Shucking Knife – Full Tang

Comparison table

Hicoup Oyster Shucking Knife SetHiCoup Kitchenware0.32 ounces6.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 inchesCheck Price
TANG SONG 8PCS Oyster Shucking KnifeTANG SONG13.1 ounces8.1 x 5.8 x 2 inchesCheck Price
Update International Pro-Grip Oyster Shucker KnifeUpdate International14.8 ounces8.5 x 4.3 x 1.4 inchesCheck Price
Ken Onion Brewshucker stainless steel Oyster KnifeKen Onion0.32 ounces8.2 x 3.9 x 1.3 inchesCheck Price
Victorinox 7.6399.3-X1 Oyster KnifeVictorinox2.4 ounces6.75 x 1.5 x 0.75 inchesCheck Price
Momoni Premium Oyster Knife SetMomoni8 ounces8.11 x 3.58 x 1.1 inchesCheck Price
Oxo Good Oyster Knife- non-slip GripsOxo1.58 ounces6.75 x 1.38 x 1 inchesCheck Price
Dexter Russell 10473 Oyster KnifeDexter-Russell2.72 ounces9.5 x 2 x 0.55 inchesCheck Price
Swissmar Shucker Paddy Universal Oyster Shucking KnifeSwiss mar0.352 ounces8 x 2.5 x 1 inchesCheck Price
Oyster Knife by Archer – Premium Oyster Shucking KnifeArcher3 ounces6.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 inchesCheck Price

The Best Oyster Knife for shucking [year]

1- Hicoup Oyster Shucking Knife Set & Glove – Shucker Kit -Best Overall


Hicoup oyster knife is the best shucking knife on the market right now for all the right reasons. Let me tell you more about it.

Pakkawood Handle

For a comfortable fresh oyster shucking, the knife features a pakka wood handle.. this handle is slip-resistant to provide you with a better grip.

Stainless Steel Blade

You will love the mirror-finished blade, which is crafted perfectly from a strengthened 420 stainless steel. The blade offers you a high carbon material, adding strength and stability to the knife and reducing adductor muscle pain.

Hicoup knife is made with your safety in mind, that’s why it offers an oversized hand guard against any possible injuries. and features a cut resistant glove.

Not only this! but this kitchen knife also features a leather pouch to make it easy for you to store shucked oyster.

Pros And Cons

  • Offers a leather pouch
  • Compact size
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • 420 stainless steel
  • Too wide tip
  • Not the best quality for the gloves
  • Slightly heavy

My Take…

HiCoup Shucking Knife set is a perfect tool for oyster lovers who want an oyster knife shucker that is super safe, compact, and lightweight.

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2- TANG SONG 8PCS Oyster Shucking Knife-Premium Choice

Tang Song Oyster Knife Set

Unlike HiCoup set that features only one knife blade, TANG SONG features 8 knives. That’s what makes it an ideal choice for commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Every single oyster knife blade of this set will quickly and smoothly get your job done.

High-quality Stainless Steel Blade

For a unique raw oysters shucking experience, the set features high-quality stainless-steel blades and a partial tang blade.

Wood Handle

You will love the ergonomic wooden handles this set features.

Pros And Cons

  • Set of 8 knives
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Wooden handles
  • Part tang blades
  • Rust easily

My Take…

TANG SONG Set offers you 8 multi-purpose shucking knives, that will take your shucking process to the next level. all you need to do is to take good care of it and maintain it regularly to make sure that it serves you for a long time.

3- Update International Pro-Grip Oyster Shucker Knife-Great Value

Update International Oyster Shucker Knife

Update International Knife set is one of the safest shucking knife sets on the market. I’ll go more in-depth in its features.

First of all the knives come with 7 inches for total length and a 3 inch for the blade. with a metal hand guard at each knife to protect you from any possible injuries.

Each blade is made from high-quality stainless-steel blades. and light plastic handles.

What sets these knives apart is the safe and amazing grip they provide. they will make your shucking process a breeze!

The only drawback of this set is that it comes with you will get a partial tang, not a complete one.

Pros And Cons

  • High-quality Stainless-steel blade
  • 6 knives set
  • Lightweight
  • Protective hand-guard
  • Thick blade
  • Partial tang

My Take…

If you are looking for a safe oyster knife set at an affordable price, look no further than Update International Oyster Knife.

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4- Ken Onion Brewshucker stainless steel Oyster Knife -Ergonomic Design

Ken Onion Brewshucker stainless steel Oyster Knife

A built-in opener is the defining feature of this knife. You will be able to open your favorite cold drink while shucking your oyster!

Sturdy Blade

The ultra-sharp knife blade will dig into the stubborn oyster as easily as the small oyster.

Double-riveted Handle

You will appreciate the sturdy handle of this set, it is double-riveted. and will give you more dominance while shucking your stubborn oyster.

The knife’s strong handle will give a comfortable grip and will reduce wrist fatigue and pain.

Unlike Update International that can easily rust if it didn’t receive good care, this knife will prevent any possible rust or corrosion.

And you don’t even need to worry about any damage that might occur, as the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

Dishwasher Safe

When it comes to cleaning, the knife is dishwasher safe.

Pros And Cons

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Double-riveted handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Small in your hands
  • Very small grip
  • Some sharp areas in the grip

My Take…

Ken Onion Oyster Knife offers a lifetime warranty and an ergonomic design. that will give you the durability and confidence you need.

5- Victorinox 7.6399.3-X1 Oyster Knife 2-3/4-Inch Hooked Tip – Haven Style Blade

Victorinox 7.6399.3-X1 Oyster Knife

Victorinox oyster knife is made with high-quality craftsmanship, which offers you more confidence and sturdiness while holding it.

New Haven Style Blade

What sets this knife apart is the oyster New Haven style blade. This knife blade is made from sturdy high carbon steel. adding more control and dominance while cutting.

You will also like the hooked tip, which eases the opening.

Anti slip Handle

When it really comes down to the strong grip, it is worth noting that this knife offers a handle that resists slipping. Whether you are holding it with a wet or dry hand.

When it comes to cleaning, the knife is dishwasher safe.

Pros And Cons

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hooked tip
  • New haven style blade
  • High carbon
  • Short blade
  • Easily rust
  • Not for a professional cook

My Take…

Victorinox haven style sturdy blade features a high carbon steel edge. It is sturdy enough to be the best choice for shucking beginners.

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6- Momoni Premium Oyster Knife Set (2 Knives) -Ultimate Shucker

Momoni Premium Oyster Knife Set

Momoni Oyster Knife Set is one of the best shucking knives for a good reason.

Anti Slip Handle Design

It features a premium wooden handle that has a slip-resistant property even with wet hands. This handle will give you a comfortable grip on your hand.

As for the knife blade, the oyster knives offer you a thin blade that can dig into any firmly closed oyster without bending. with a curved tip to make it easy for you to get the oyster meat.

But when it comes to sturdiness, the Victorinox oyster knife has a sturdier knife blade.

You will be happy to hear that the manufacturer offers you a full refund with no questions in case you didn’t like the set.

Pros And Cons

  • Classy gift box
  • Wooden handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • The wooden handle might get damaged
  • No hooked tip
  • Not very sturdy

Bottom line

If you have zero or little experience in shucking oysters MOMONI knife set is a really good choice. It shucks both small oyster and big ones with absolute ease.

7- Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Oyster Knife -Non Slip Handle

Oxo Good Grips Oyster Knife

 Let me start with the strong plastic grip handle that gives a light and firm grip while shucking a fresh oyster.

Stainless Steel Blade

What I really like about this knife is its high-quality materials. it with a stainless steel blade, making the knife blade such a durable selection.

And for easy oyster shucking, Oxo Good Grips features a bent tip at the end of the blade.

About cleaning, the knife is easy to clean. Feel free to wash it with your hands or in the dishwasher.

In fact, this knife isn’t the sturdiest one on our list, that’s why we recommend it for those who barely shuck oysters. it will still get the job done.

Pros And Cons

  • Good Handle
  • Bent Tip
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Thick Blade
  • Does Not Resist Slippery Very Well
  • Short Blade

Bottom line

OXO Oyster Knife offers you a bent tip that will help you easily get the yummy oyster meat from inside the oyster shell.

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8-  Dexter Russell Haven Style Oyster Knife – Sani-Safe Series – NSF Approved

Dexter Russell Oyster Knife

Dexter Russell knife is expertly made with a combination of neat and high-quality materials.

High Carbon Blade

The blade is designed by high carbon and stain-free DEXSTEEL, which gives you a more powerful blade.

Sani-Safe Handle

This NSF-certified oyster knife comes with a Sani-Safe handle, making it a great choice for pro chefs and commercial kitchens.

For a unique shucking process every time, The knife is made with the new haven-style patter with a bent tip.

However, this tip is prone to bending when applying so much pressure on it. which is something you won’t find in Oxo Good Grips oyster knife

Pros And Cons

  • Stain-free DEXSTEEL
  • NSF certified
  • Sani-Safe handle
  • Handwash only
  • Thick blade 
  • Not a strong bent tip

My Take…

Dexter Russell Knife is completely made in the USA. It is a good choice any pro chef can make.

9- Swissmar Shucker Paddy Universal Oyster Shucking Knife -Ultimate Protection

Swissmar Shucker Paddy Universal Oyster Shucking Knife

The ergo-dynamic dual-axis pistol grip is what distinguishes this oyster knife from any other competitor. that grip comes with a finger guard for extra protection, durability, and versatility.

One more notable feature about the grip is that it will reduce the force needed to open your oysters.

Polycarbonate Handle

The polycarbonate handle takes this knife to another level. and makes it such a great choice for those who enjoy eating larger oysters.

That handle comes with a 135-degree angle, which keeps the forearm side by side with the blade for better control of your oysters.

No need for left-handed people to pressure themselves to use their right hand as this knife easily works for both.

Stainless Steel Blades

As for the neat stainless-steel blades, the knife comes with a 3-inches tapered blade applicable for all types of oysters.

Pros And Cons

  • High-quality Stainless-steel blades
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Durable tool
  • Plastic grip
  • Thick and wide tip
  • Very blunt head

My Take…

Swissmar offers you a knife that works for both left and right-handed people. However, you may keep in mind that it has a plastic grip. For anyone who is looking for a rubber grip, this one will be the best recommendation for you.

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10- Oyster Knife by Archer Premium Oyster Shucking Knife – Full Tang

Oyster Knife by Archer Premium Oyster Shucking Knife

Archer Premium knife comes with a full tang stainless-steel blade, with a total length of 6 ½. This neat blade is mirror finished and pear-shaped with a V-shaped edge.

While the handle is made from pakka wood. making it a lightweight and easy-to-use tool.

For added safety, the oyster knives come with a stainless-steel hand guard.

Finally, the manufacturer offers you a complete refund if you have any problem with the oyster knife.

Pros And Cons

  • Full tang blade
  • Stainless steel Protective hand-guard
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Offers you a full refund
  • Better for professionals
  • Thick and Short blade
  • Little bit pricey
  • May works better for smaller oysters

My Take…

Archer Oyster Knife offers you amazing features ranging from a full tang blade to a pakka wood handle.

FAQs about The Best Oyster Knife

Why should you buy an oyster shucking knife?

The main purpose of oyster knives is to use extra force and pressure for opening oysters.
They prevent screwing things up and reduce the mess on your countertop.

How to use the knife in shucking your oysters?

Start by wiggling your knife between the two external layers of your shells.
Make sure you slide the knife with caution about lowering the risk of any possible injuries.
then make a continual twist motion slowly but in a continuous pattern
Finally, you will be able to open the oyster safely and get the jewel.

What is the best way of cooking oysters?

There are a lot of methods out there for cooking oysters. You should decide first if you want it grilled or fried. It would help if you also kept in mind where you will cook them, whether in your kitchen or outside.

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Final verdict

Here are our choices for the best oyster knife:

Update International Oyster Shucker Knife is the best budget product on our list. it will save you money as well as your time and effort.

If you want multiple handy tools to help you get the shucking job done, don’t hesitate to go for Hicoup Oyster Shucking Knife Set.

And the premium choice in our list of ” Best Oyster Knife for Shucking” is TANG SONG Oyster Knife Set. it offers you 8 versatile knives that will make a great addition to your kitchen.

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