10 Best Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinets Review 2021

Best Overall
Mr Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker's Rack Shelf
Mr Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Shelf
Premium Choice
Cabidor Deluxe Adjustable Kitchen Storage Cabinets
Cabidor Deluxe Adjustable Kitchen Storage Cabinets
Great Value
Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Cabinets
Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Cabinets

Cabinets are produced in huge varieties. the narrow one for your small space in your kitchen, the bigger one for your expansive kitchen, the inexpensive one that fits your budget-and to save your money for what you are going to put inside-.

With a freestanding cabinet you don’t have to worry about your kitchen organization anymore.

List of 10 Best Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinets 2021

  1. Mr. Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Shelf-Best Overall
  2. Prepac Elite Storage Cabinets-Profiled Edge
  3. Home Styles Nantucket Pantry-Strong Drawers
  4. Vasagle FreeStanding UBBC61WT Kitchen Cabinets-Reliable Quality
  5. Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart/Cabinets-Stainless Top
  6. Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinets-Four Adjustable Shelves
  7. Cabidor Deluxe Adjustable Kitchen Storage Cabinets-Premium Choice
  8. SystemBuild Farmington 18″ Wide Storage Cabinets-Adjustable Shelves
  9. Fedmax Metal Storage Cabinets-Lock Keys Included
  10. Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Cabinets-Great Value

 Comparison table

Mr. Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Shelf  39.7 Pounds36 x 16 x 52 inchesCheck Price
Prepac Elite Storage Cabinets118.5 Pounds32″ W x 65″ H x 16″ DCheck Price
Home Styles Nantucket Pantry 146 pounds 30″ W x 16″ D x 71.5″ HCheck Price
Vasagle FreeStanding UBBC61WT Kitchen Cabinets31 pounds23.6 x 11.8 x 31.5Check Price
Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart/Cabinets134 pounds18 x 53.5 x 36Check Price
Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinets 97 Pounds 23.31 x 17 x 70.91 inchesCheck Price
Cabidor Deluxe Adjustable Kitchen Storage Cabinets33 pounds70 x 16 x 4.12 inchesCheck Price
SystemBuild Farmington 18″ Wide Storage Cabinets 65 Pounds15.8 x 18.2 x 71.9 inchesCheck Price
Fedmax Metal Storage Cabinets 98.8 pounds74 x 19.5 x 6 inchesCheck Price
Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Cabinets73 pounds16 x 30 x 71 inchesCheck Price

The Best Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

1- Mr Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Shelf-Best Overall

Mr Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker's Rack Shelf

Since we have closed cabinets in the kitchen, we might need an opened one when we decide to purchase a freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet.

Here I got you our top pick and our best choice. Mr. IRONSTONE vintage kitchen pantry cabinet.

Mr. IRONSTONE’s vintage kitchen pantry cabinet comes with a 3-Tier+4-Tier Kitchen plank that will give you ample storage capacity.

With its massive space, you can keep your cookware, microwave, electric oven, and all other kitchen appliances by your hands.

It’s not just that, they also offer you a wire basket, which will help you store many things.

Storing fruits and vegetables will be okay. Also, your mugs or whatever you want to store.

They give you ten hooks because they know spoons, scissors, and  such items are making your kitchen so messy.

But wait! This is not only what we are looking for while purchasing a freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet.

If your kitchen floor is uneven, you don’t have to worry since they offer you six adjustable feet to be stable all the time.

As for the material is made of P2 MDF; engineered wood solid, which means that you will get an anti-scratchable piece of furniture.

Your kitchen will always look like a new one.

The cleaning process will no longer be hard, as they offer you a smooth surface, which makes you use only a wet rag and wipe it.

Furthermore, it has a metal frame, which makes it handle large-weight applicants, like microwaves and so on.

Another feature worth mentioning is the X design, which makes it more durable and sturdy.

The items give you a very easy assembly process.

Now I will tell you something important. This Piece of furniture is not only for your kitchen; you can also use it in your office or living room due to its perfect well-designed and ample storage capacity.

Finally, we chose it as our best choice because their customer service is great. You might receive some missed items, but you don’t have to worry. They are just a call far.

Pros And Cons

  • A 3-Tier+4-Tier Kitchen plank
  • Ample storage capacity
  • Wire basket
  • Smaller upper shelf
  • Ten hooks
  • Six adjustable feet
  • Pantry is made of Engineered wood
  • Anti-scratchable
  • Easy to clean
  • X design
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to assemble
  • A bit expensive

Bottom line:

Mr IRONSTONE vintage kitchen pantry is the appropriate solution for overcrowded kitchens.

2- Prepac Elite Storage Cabinets-Profiled Edge

Prepac Elite Storage Cabinet

If open shelves are not your type, then the Prepac Elite Store pantry will be a great choice for you.

Need extra storage space for your kitchen? Prepac Elite offers you a 2-Door cabinet that will help you store whatever you want in your kitchen.

When looking inside, you will find two adjustable shelves and a fixed one.

But what may confuse you is that the board supports are made of plastic, which means that if one of them broke, you would have to go to the hardware and find one that fits.

You should also keep in mind that the shelves are not very high.

They offer you high security by making the handles and the hinges from high-quality metal.

Also, for your feet’s safety, they make the edges so soft.

It measures 32 in width, 16 in-depth, and 65 tall. With these dimensions, the Prepac Elite cabinet will fit your kitchen greatly.

Besides, this pantry has a space-saving structure, which will offer you ample storage space.

Another notable feature is that Prepac Elite is made of solid MDF doors, which will protect its units from potential damage while transporting.

By making it constructed from non-toxic laminated woods and a sturdy MDF supporter, they offer you a great, well-made piece of furniture.

Notice that this also makes it very heavy, which means that you may need someone to help you in putting it together.

You also have to anchor the cabinet in the wall. But don’t worry, they come with mounting boards.

Here is a problem that the mounting boards are made of particleboard, which means that the heavyweight may be a problem.

If we talked about the instructions they provide you, we have to say that it is the simplest one, as they offer you illustrated instructions.

As for the good looking of your kitchen, they offer you a white, semi-gloss kitchen pantry cabinet.

Some reviewers noticed that it might come with a bad smell.

It’s not only a kitchen pantry cabinet but also can be used in the office, garage, bathroom, or even your bedroom.

Lastly, they give you a 5-year warranty.

Pros And Cons

  • Two adjustable shelves and a fixed one
  • High security
  • Space-saving
  • Solid MDF doors
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Semi-gloss looking
  • Five years warranty 
  • Good neutral looking
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smells bad  Heavy  Particle mounting boards Plastic board supporters

Bottom line:

 Prepac Elite Storage pantry Cabinet is a very good choice for a neutral-colored kitchen. It offers you a very good-looking pantry with a sturdy made.

3- Home Styles Nantucket Pantry-Strong Drawers

Home Styles Nantucket Pantry

Do you need a place for your extras but with great size for your small space?

Home Style Nantucket Pantry offers you this MAGICAL INVENTION!

This freestanding cabinet is very well-designed with high material products.

Coming in two finish options, White or Maple, gives it a sanded and aged worn appearance.

But for some reason, you may receive your unit with an off-white or creamy color, not a straight white one.

As for the material, it is made of hardwood solids and engineered wood, which makes it very heavy and sturdy.

Being heavy is an evidence for its high quality materials.

When we go back for the main reason you purchase a freestanding pantry, you will find the greatest solution. It comes with a storage drawer and two cabinets with doors. Each one contains two removable shelves.

You can move each shelf up or down like you want as it comes with multi holes for shelf pins.

The drawer is a bit smaller than you may expect; you can put inside a kitchen scale or scissors or something like that.

Some reviewers noticed that the magnets, which help in keeping the doors closed, are quite small. This will prevent you from keeping the doors locked very well. 

Going to the hardware and getting bigger magnets is a perfect idea for this con.

If you are a hesitant person and can’t decide where you will put the unit, you don’t have to worry; it comes with four leveling feet, which will allow you to move smoothly.

As with any new product, you may have a bad chemical smell after assembling, but putting some air freshener would do a great job.

This unit would take some time to assemble since it comes with little unclear instructions; they only provide you with pictures.

As for its price, some people find that over 400$ is reasonable, others find it very pricey.

You don’t have to worry if you faced any problem since they offer you friendly customer service.

Pros And Cons

  • Extra size
  • Sturdy and heavy
  • Reasonable price
  • Hardwood solids
  • Variety of colors
  • 4 leveling feet
  • Off white color not white
  • Unclear instructions
  • Smells bad

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a reasonable price with a beautiful look at the same time, Home Style Nantucket Pantry is the perfect match for you.

4- Vasagle FreeStanding UBBC61WT Kitchen Cabinets-Reliable Quality

Vasagle FreeStanding UBBC61WT Kitchen Cabinet

Are you at your wit’s end? Can’t choose between an opened and closed shelves cabinets?

VASAGLE Freestanding pantry Cabinet now offers you the solution.

This aesthetic, charming, and beautiful pantry comes with a drawer, an adjustable shelf, and a kitchen cupboard to give you additional storage.

That means that you will get a great space for your food and the other items.

Storing food will no more be a problem.

You can also use the kitchen cupboard to put your microwave on or whatever you want, and it will remain beautiful.

VASAGLE Freestanding Cabinet is a piece of nice put-together furniture for your tiny spaces.

 It not only can be used in the kitchen, but you can also use it in your bathroom, and it will give you the same charming look.

As for the quality, you are purchasing a long service life because of the premium EPA-Certificated MDF that it is made of.

They don’t offer you adjustable feet, which may be a con for your uneven floor, but this because they want to offer you an item of stable furniture that ensures your safety.

Also, they provide you with anti-toppling fittings.

To put it simply, they will help you to fix the pantry to the wall.

As we hear many complaints about the hard instructions, they offer you straightforward instructions, but it may also take time.

However, people noticed that they give a name for each part in the instructions, but the parts of the cabinets are missing their labels.

You also have to go to the hardware because you may need some screws that they don’t provide.

To be honest, the last result you will have after putting it together is worth the effort.

By purchasing this kitchen pantry, you will get a high-quality product for the price.

Pros And Cons

  • Affordable
  • Charming looking
  • Ample storage space due to its additional
  • drawers
  • Variety usage
  • High quality
  • White color/ neutral color
  • Little hard instructions
  • Missing screws

Bottom line:

If you are looking for an opened and closed shelves pantry with a charming look, this one goes great with you.

5- Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart/Cabinets-Stainless Top

Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart/Cabinet

Do you have an open space in your kitchen that you want to fill up? Do you need a cart that will make a great difference in your cooking life?

Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart with Wood Top offers you everything you want in one piece of furniture.

Like some of the previously reviewed products, this cart comes in a closed-shelves style.

It offers you ample storage due to its dimensions, which measures 23.6 x 11.8 x 31.5 Inches.

Also, it offers you additional storage with the three drawers.

You would get three deep drawers and three large adjustable shelves, which means you will purchase a space saver stand-alone pantry.

But to put in mind, these shelves may be a little slight for your larger pots and pans.

This elegant cart offers you a well-made hardwood unit with a natural solid rubber wood top.

This wood top would totally help you get a convenient surface for wrapping your presents.

Moreover, it comes with a spice rack which will help you organize your spice jars and bottles.

If you are putting a price range which is not very high, you don’t have to worry as it comes at a reasonable price.

Besides, it will match your aesthetic kitchen since it comes in two different neutral colors; white and black.

Another noteworthy feature is that it comes with wheels with brakes. This means that you will get a movable sturdy kitchen pantry to move it easily wherever you want to use the stoppers to hold it in place very well.

Finally, you will have a beautiful unit that will make you very happy.

Pros And Cons

  • Closed-shelves style
  • Ample storage space due to its additional
  • Three drawers
  • Well-made hardwood unit with a natural
  • Solid rubberwood top
  • Spice rack 
  • Reasonable price
  • Extra screws
  • The shelves may not fit your large pots and pan Little tricky assembling process The package is heavy

Bottom line:

Pull the trigger and get a portable storage space solution at a reasonable price; Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart with Wood Top.

6- Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinets-Four Adjustable Shelves

Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet

Are you tired of your crowded kitchen and want a new stand-alone pantry to re-organize it? Do you also have babies or toddlers that you are afraid may go inside it?

Sauder HomePlus Storage Pantry offers you THE BEST solution.

With its great baby and toddler lock, you can put anything you want inside without fearing that they might go inside.

Sauder offers you a sturdy unit that meets a certain price point, which you can’t find nowadays.

Giving you a laminate item means that it won’t wear like real wood.

Another feature is that it comes with four adjustable shelves, which make it a space saver. You will have a fantastic storing process.

As for the dimensions, it measures a tall of 65.62, a depth of 15.38, and a width of 22.

That means that you are getting a deep unit that fits whatever you want but not too deep to leave a lot of wasted space.

Although this freestanding pantry is not made of real wood, it comes very heavy but easy to anchor to the wall.

You might find some difficulties since it’s very heavy, so you have to get some help.

It doesn’t come with adjustable feet, which may be a con for some of you, and for others, it may be a good thing as it helps to accommodate the sloping basement floors.

Moreover, they offer you panel doors, which means that you are having hard and strong exterior doors.

They offer you more elegant and natural beautiful doors.

To keep your kitchen elegant and charming, they offer you four different colors; Dakota Oak, Sienna Oak, Salt Oak, and Soft white.

Keep in mind that the price varies in different colors.

When we go in directions, we have to say that it may be easy for you and maybe a little hard. This depends so much on how much patience you have.

Also, you don’t have to worry as Sauder has a dozen instructional videos on YouTube.

The assembling process would need only a hammer and a Phillips head screwdriver.

Some reviewers find a small gap between the two doors, but after assembling, the final result became very nice.

Thanks to Sauder’s great customer service, if you got any damaged items or missed ones, they will certainly give you what you need.

Pros And Cons

  • Sturdy shelves
  • Helpful customer service
  • Baby lock
  • No fabric
  •  just real wood
  • Panel doors
  • Comparatively reasonable price
  • Heavy product
  • Bad packaging

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a freestanding pantry that meets your price point and gives you an elegant form, the Sauder HomePlus pantry Storage pantry is here.

7- Cabidor Deluxe Adjustable Kitchen Storage Cabinets-Premium Choice

Cabidor Deluxe Adjustable Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Here we reached our PREMIUM CHOICE.

Cabidor Deluxe Bathroom & Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet is an elegant choice for your kitchen, bathroom, or even your garage.

If you have a kitchen with a door that you want to use, here is the solution.

With Cabidor Deluxe Bathroom & Kitchen Storage pantry, you can gain a huge amount of space that is always wasted in the back of any standard door.

Now it becomes easy to reach everything you want just behind your door.

It doesn’t need a huge space; you can put it in your narrow kitchen or bathroom.

You only need to leave a 3.5-inch gap between the center of each hinge pin and the closed wall. It necessitates the use of at least two hinges with removable hinge pins.

Remember to measure distances very well, and hang the top hinge first.

But you have to sell an adapter kit because the wall may require it.

Like most of the other products, it comes with movable shelves.

But the center shelf is not adjustable.

You can use the shelves to store food, or you can remove the shelves to store tall items.

Moreover, they offer you adjustable rods with shelves that can move up and down.

Now you can easily and quickly reach your stored food or items without putting them on the surface of your kitchen top.

You don’t have to drill through layers of your stuff.

Another noticeable thing they offer you is the packaging; it comes with a lot of cardboard and spongy paper.

As for the instructions, like the previous products, they may take time to put together.

If you want the assembling process to be not frustrating, you have to follow some tips.

First and foremost, be sure that the metal bars are installed before hanging the shelf.

Second and very important, the magnet is too strong, which makes it very hard to open the unit, so all you have to do is put several layers of scotch tape over the metal plate, which would weaken the magnet.

The third thing is that the additional weight may make the door squeak. You only need to spray some WD40 on the hinges of the door and swing it a few times.

The last thing, if you don’t want to get in pain when trying to put the bottom pantry hinge on upside down to be in line with holes, you will have to set up shelves spacing and then put the metal dowels into the shelves before hanging it up.

Pros And Cons

  • Nice looking white finish
  • Good packaging
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Easy instructions
  • Pricey item

Bottom line:

Cabidor Deluxe Bathroom, & Kitchen Storage pantry is an ideal product for your tight, enclosed luxurious kitchen or bathroom.

8- SystemBuild Farmington 18″ Wide Storage Cabinets-Adjustable Shelves

SystemBuild Farmington 18" Wide Storage Cabinet

Do you have rustic or cottage decor in your kitchen, bathroom, or even living room? Do you need freestanding cabinets that go nicely with it?

BINGO! SystemBuild Farmington 18″ Wide Storage Cabinets are the best choice for you.

With its off-white woodgrain and laminated MDF pantry, you will have a rustic unit in your space.

They offer you four different rustic finishes to choose between.

It is a single door cabinets that will fit your small areas

Its dimensions measure 71.9 in height,18.2 in width, and15.8 in depth. You would get ample storage space in a single door cabinet.

Moreover, there is shelving storage inside; it comes with four shelves, only two of them are adjustable.

Each of the adjustable shelves can hold up to 20 lbs, and the fixed ones can hold up to 25 lbs.

Your kitchen will turn from a busy one to an organized one.

This pantry seems sturdy so far.

But you have to watch out as the safety bracket that comes to anchor it to the wall is too short.

As for the instructions, it is straightforward, but you have to get someone to help you.

There are notable cons that we have to mention; firstly, the freestanding cabinets after assembling may not seem stable even after putting weight inside.

Secondly, the screws that come with this unit are quite cheap, which means that you will have to go to the hardware and get some good screws.

Lastly, the pre-hung hinges may not line up in an appropriate way.

To sum up, this product is a good product for the price.

Pros And Cons

  • Rustic white finish
  • MDF
  • Ample storage space
  • Two adjustable shelves and two fixed ones
  • Easy assembly
  • Screws might strip with the slightest resistance
  • Not stable

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a beautiful rustic finish cabinet for a reasonable price, this one matches your needs very well.

9- Fedmax Metal Storage Cabinets-Lock Keys Included

Fedmax Metal Storage Cabinet

Do you have a metal-designed kitchen, and wondering what color would fit with it? Don’t worry. This one is for you.

With the Fedmax Metal storage cabinets, you have a very sturdy unit that will live with you so far.

If you have babies that you are afraid might reach the things inside, this cart comes with a key locker.

But for some reason, it may be a slight con since you can’t keep the door closed without the key.

Due to their heavy-duty metal design, these cabinets would also fit in your garage.

Your imagination is the only thing that can stop you since this cabinet comes with four adjustable shelves, which will help you put them wherever you like.

There is only one shelf fixed. You will have at the end five shelves.

By purchasing this item, you will get the highest capacity in the market.

Each of these sturdy shelves can hold up to 180lbs and a total weight of 900lbs.

So, you are going to get rid of your overcrowded kitchen and have a unique look at the same time.

Its measures 74 x 19.5 x 6 inches.

If you are tired of products that you receive damaged in the transportation, this one from Fedmax offers you heavy-duty metal supporters.

Therefore, there will be no damage!

To make it clear, you are purchasing a high product with the best shipping protection.

In addition to its great design, the cabinet feet are designed to adapt to the uneven floor to use it in your garage.

Compared to other carts, this may not be cheap, but you have a high-quality, all-metal cabinet.

When we went to the assembly process, we got very easy instructions that you could do it all alone.

But you might find that some of the labels are missed, which may make you a little puzzled.

This cart is very heavy since you get a high-quality metal unit.

If you don’t have a moving dolly, carrying this cart alone would be impossible.

Get someone with you to give a hand.

There is a note some of the reviewers have mentioned we have to say it.

The company that seems to sell this product doesn’t manufacture this cabinet, and the manufacturer does not exist.

Pros And Cons

  • High quality/ no wood
  • Just metal
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Largest weight capacity
  • Shipping protection
  • Two doors
  • Heavy
  • It can’t be closed without key
  • Expensive

Bottom line:

By getting this kitchen cabinet, you will have a unique unit with a sturdy, heavy-duty metal product.

10- Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Cabinets-Great Value

Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Cabinet

Here we reached a cabinet that isn’t the most powerful on our list, but it is good enough to be on it.

Since Sauder is a well-known company for making well pantries, we decided to put another version from.

Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Cabinet is a kitchen, bathroom, living room, or garage cabinet.

Unlike the previous Sauder pantries, this one seems slightly flimsier since some reviewers noticed that it is thinner than other products from Sauder.

It seems to have a particle board which is not heavy-duty, as they mention.

This doesn’t mean that our product is out of unique qualities!

First of all, and most notable feature is its storage; it stores like a champ.

With its full-width Upper shelf, you will have ample storage for your items.

But unfortunately, it only accepts lightweight things, so you will not be able to store heavy items.

However, they offer you four movable shelves.

Each of the shelves can hold up to 25 lbs, and the storage cabinet as a whole can store weight up to 79.58 lbs.

Another notable feature, especially for women, it comes in various colors; Cinnamon Cherry, Soft White colors, and Highland Oak.

As for the material, you may be a little confused as it comes in recycled material or, as one of the reviewers said, engineered wood, which for others may be a con

When we go to assembling, we have to say that people find it easy assembly.

All you need to assemble is a Phillips head screwdriver and a hammer.

Otherwise, some find assembling a little hard.

As we mentioned before, Sauder offers you instructional videos on Youtube.

As usual, Sauder offers you a quality that equals the price you are paying.

To make it more clear, this product is cheap in price, which means that you don’t have to expect a very high-quality item.

It will do its functions very well, but not as the expensive ones.

Although they offer you very good packaging, some people received their cabinets with blemishes and paint chipped.

Shipping may be late.

Pros And Cons

  • Ample storage
  • Great Product for the price
  • Nice looking
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flimsy
  • Unlike Sauder pantries
  • This one has thinner boards
  • Can’t hold up heavy items
  • Late shipping

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a product that fits your budget, Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Cabinet will be great for you.

FAQs about the Best Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

1- What is the best material for kitchen pantry cabinets?

When we are asked this question, the answer would certainly be Hardwood solids. But the right question to be asked is what is the best material that freestanding kitchen cabinets come in.

The answer here would be for sure MDF, which stands for medium-density fiberboard. Since MDF may be known as engineered wood, people sometimes consider it as a cheap material.

However, for a standalone unit, you don’t need a hardwood item.

When you purchase a freestanding kitchen cabinet, you need an affordable item and looks unique. MDF gives you all that you need; a charming look at a reasonable price.

By getting an MDF-made cabinet, you are will have a great value unit.

 2- Does a freestanding pantry have to match the kitchen cabinets?

Since the answer to this question relies greatly on the taste of everyone, we made sure to give you a variety of styles in this article to match your taste.

From our point of view, we see that choosing the same color of your kitchen cabinets to the freestanding pantry would add great value to your furniture.

Trying to mix colors would give you a fantastic look also.

3- Are walk-in pantries a waste of space?

Although walk-in kitchen pantries seem bigger than fixed ones and seem to take a lot of space, This kind of pantry is the most practical style in organizing your kitchen.

Since you can move it anytime and wherever you choose, a walk-in pantry allows you to move it from one place to another till you find the right match.

4- Is it hard to assemble a cabinet alone? OR will I need someone to help me?

While some of the pantry cabinets seem to be easy to assemble alone, It is very hard to assemble most of the cabinets alone.

This is a two-man job. Specifically, cabinets with two doors.

All the cabinets come with instructions and diagrams or come labelled, which will make it easy to assemble, but with someone to help you.

Final verdict:

Finally, you have by your hands a buyer guide for freestanding kitchen pantry cabinets. Each one offers you different features.

For example, if you are tired of closed-shelves style in your kitchen and want extra storage, then Mr Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Shelf is yours.

This one is our best choice because of its large capacity and very good opened-shelves looking.

However, if you have nearly zero budget and you want to organize your kitchen, Cabidor Deluxe Adjustable Kitchen Storage Cabinets will meet your needs.

This unit is designed for zero storage kitchens, which will help you organize your kitchen without using extra space.

Lastly, If you have a luxurious kitchen that has a door and you want to get a unit that will add value to your kitchen, then Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Cabinets is the best for you.

This unit comes with a mirror that would give a great look to your kitchen, considering its high price.

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