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Can you think about anything better than a slice of watermelon by the best watermelon slicer after a pool party on a hot summer day?

Best Watermelon slicer

 However, when it comes to slicing watermelon, it is not the easiest fruit to cut down. Its external hard layer makes it hard to slice by a regular standard knife.

 You may find it confusing that there are many available tools in the market. So, I compiled the 10 best watermelon slicers for your own happiness.

 Take these tools with you on any picnic, and do not worry about cutting watermelon anymore. Do not destroy your enjoyment of such dense-nutrient fruit by not having the right tool.

List of 10 best watermelon slicers 2021

  1. Riveira Watermelon Slicer-TPR Silicone Handles
  2. Mannice Extra Large Watermelon Slicer-Multi Purpose
  3. Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch Knife-Ergonomic Handles
  4. Sleeké Watermelon Slicer & Cutter-Cushioned Handle
  5. Thrive Home Products Watermelon Slicer-Kids Safe Design
  6. GoMin Kitchen Watermelon Slicer-Premium Choice
  7. Chef’s Path Watermelon Slicer-Multi Purpose
  8. FEENM Large Watermelon slicer-Great Value
  9. ScharfPro Watermelon Slicer-Heavy Duty
  10. Habikoo Fruit Slicer & Peeler-Best Overall

Comparison table

Riveira Watermelon SlicerRiveira 2.4 pounds18.1 x 8.4 x 1.9 inchesCheck Price
Mannice Extra Large Watermelon SlicerMannice1.76 pounds13.9 x 12.28 x 2.72 inchesCheck Price
Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch KnifeMercer Culinary4.2 ounces14.75 x 1 x 4.13 inchesCheck Price
Sleeké Watermelon Slicer & CutterSleeké318 g24.1 x 3.8 x 3.2 cmCheck Price
Thrive Home Products Watermelon SlicerThrive Home Products9.4 ounces10.51 x 2.48 x 1.5 inchesCheck Price
GoMin Kitchen Watermelon SlicerGoMin Kitchen200 g22.9 x 6.4 x 3.8 cmCheck Price
Chef’s Path Watermelon SlicerChef’s Path86.2 g33.5 x 3.3 x 12.7 cmCheck Price
FEENM Large Watermelon slicerFEENM9.6 ounces8.6 x 2.9 x 2.2 inchesCheck Price
ScharfPro Watermelon SlicerScharfPro1.8 pounds14 x 12.2 x 2.8 inchesCheck Price
Habikoo Fruit Slicer & PeelerHabikoo680 g24 x 11 x 14 cmCheck Price

Best Watermelon Slicers

1- Riveira Watermelon Slicer-TPR Silicone Handles

Riveira Watermelon Slicer Set

 Riveira slicer comes with three additional tools. So, you will not only cut your watermelon, but also you will slice and cut it into cubes without any effort.

One neat feature about this slicer is that it comes in a box that contains a regular watermelon slicer and a windmill cutter. It doesn’t just end there, as it also comes with a special watermelon knife.

Concerning this watermelon slicer, it is worth noting that it features blades. These neat blades are made of high-quality stainless steel.

 What I like about this slicer is that it also comes with a rubber handle that resists slipping. So, you can safely use it easily.

 In addition to the pre-mentioned information, the watermelon comes with a metal wire at its bottom. As a result, you will get all the components of it.

As for this tool, it will prevent getting out of any white or tasteless part of the watermelon.

The windmill cutter is one of the other components that come with this useful tool.

Just place the windmill cutter on the watermelon and press it down in a gentle way. As a result, you will get perfect-shaped cubes in no time.

Last but not least, this tool is great for making small cubes for your children. It is also safe to let your kids do it themselves on the beach.

We cannot forget about the huge watermelon knife that also comes in the box. This knife is craftily designed to dig into any watermelon despite its size.

This set of watermelon slicer offers you a lifetime warranty. So, don’t get worried if any of its tools get damaged as you can get a refund

Pros And Cons

  • High-quality stainless-steel blades
  • Rubber handles
  • Great slicer
  • Strong windmill cutter
  • Powerful watermelon knife
  • Easy to use
  • Slightly over-priced

Bottom line

The Riveira Watermelon Slicer Set gives you all the tools needed to cut your watermelon easily. However, you will pay extra money for such features.

2- Mannice Extra Large Watermelon Slicer-Multi Purpose

Mannice Extra Large Watermelon Slicer

This Mannice slicer is for those who only want a straight-cut slice in no time, not a decorative piece.

One notable feature is that it comes with an 11-inch diameter that works for any watermelon, whatever its size, without any effort.

In terms of shape, this slicer comes in a neat shape. So, you can feel confident to use it in front of anyone of your guests.

Start by cutting off your watermelon from its two ends, Then pass the slicer from its beginning to its end.

After finishing this process, you will end up with 12 consistent pieces.

Say goodbye to the mess on your kitchen board as You can also keep the juice in the peel as a decorative way for your kids.

The Mannice slicer has an outer layer that is made of ABS plastic. So, don’t worry about washing it in the dishwasher.

What is better than a razor-sharp stainless-steel blade to cut your watermelon effortlessly?

It is equipped with many features, like a high-quality handle that is made of non-toxic silicone. Such slip-resistant handles will give you the dominance to control your watermelon. Whether you have a wet or dry hand, you will have control over it.

Lastly, using this multipurpose tool will allow you to cut into different fruits. You can cut through cantaloupe and pineapple with the same effect.

Pros And Cons

  • Suitable For Slicing Watermelons Of Any Size
  • Gives Consistent 12 Slices Of Watermelon
  •  Comes With A Silicone Handle
  •  Dishwasher Safe
  • Cuts Both The Skin And The Flesh of The Watermelon

Bottom line

Mannice Extra Large Watermelon Slicer is suitable for any size of a melon. Nevertheless, it will dig into both the skin and the flesh.

3- Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch Knife-Ergonomic Handles

Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch Knife

Mercer Culinary offers you a razor-sharp knife that will dig into your watermelon easily and effortlessly.

This knife comes with a blade that is completely covered with Japanese steel.

The Mercer knife comes with an ergonomic handle. Its slip-resistant handle also comes with finger grips, which give you more dominance.

In addition to the finger grips, it also comes with a protective finger guard

I had to note that the knife is only hand-wash.

This knife comes with a Color-coded handle, which prevents any cross-contamination.

It comes with an ergonomic handle that features polypropylene. Such material helps in durability

Pros And Cons

  • Sharp
  • Easy To Handle
  • One-Piece
  • The Blade Got Blunt
  • Not Sharp Enough

Bottom line

 This Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch knife comes with a protective finger guard for your own safety. However, you may not get a consistent slice of your watermelon

4- Sleeké Watermelon Slicer & Cutter-Cushioned Handle

Sleeké Watermelon Slicer & Cutter

A minimalistic design tool is for the minimalistic people out there. This portable slicer will help you cut watermelon anywhere. You can even keep it in your pocket until you need it.

A slicer that makes cutting a watermelon easier than cutting a banana

Such a slicer is a multipurpose one. You can use it as a slicer or as a tong to hold your pieces with it.

This watermelon slicer helps you get the perfect, consistent slice. You can choose the thickness of the slices by the handle.

Just move the slicer away, and you will get a tong right there that you can use immediately. As a result, you can lift the slices of the watermelon easily.

This slicer allows you to cut only the flesh so there won’t be any mess of the kitchen board

Keeping the outer layer will save the juice for your kids to drink after a hot sunny day as it will stay in the rind

It comes with a silicone handle, which allows you to grip it firmly and easily.

Concerning The blades, we of such slicer, they are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Since these blades are durable and made with high-quality material, you can safely wash them in the dishwasher without any worries.

Pros And Cons

  • Two-function tool
  • Easy to handle
  • Control the thickness
  • You can keep the juice
  • Gives only the flesh
  •  Mess-free tool
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Portable tool
  • Cut one slice at a time

Bottom line

Sleeké Watermelon Slicer & Cutter will offer you a portable slicer that you can take anywhere. You can also use this slicer as a tong. however, it may take time to cut the whole fruit as it cut one slice at a times

5- Thrive Home Products Watermelon Slicer-Kids Safe Design

Thrive Home Products Watermelon Slicer

A simply designed slicer is great for your simple kitchen. Excitingly, you can use this neat tool as a slicer or as a tong.

It features a high-quality stainless-steel blade. You will also get a metal wire with this tool so you can dig into the fruit effortlessly.

Another good feature of this simple tool is that it has a rubber handle. So, you can hold it comfortably and firmly at the same time.

You can let your children safely use this tool as it has been manufactured in a way that is safe for your child’s hand.

I have to note that this slicer comes with a rounded serration blade. As a result, it will prevent any possible injuries for you.

Lastly, this slicer is made to be an easily friendly tool for you and your children.

Pros And Cons

  • Offers A Classy As Well As A Sturdy Design
  • Comes With A Stainless 
  • It Has Stainless Steel Blades
  • Rubber Handle Which Is Easy To Grip
  • Rounded Serrations
  • Two- Function Tool
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • It may take time to cut the whole fruit
  • Not very smooth

Bottom line

Thrive Home Products Watermelon Slicer will offer you a simple as well as a strong one. However, you will not get a very smooth tool to use.

6- GoMin Kitchen Watermelon Slicer-Premium Choice

GoMin Kitchen Watermelon Slicer

What is more beautiful than a watermelon slicer that comes in a gift box? Actually,  GoMin Kitchen Watermelon Slicer features multiple properties.

One property I love about this slicer is that the blades are made of Type 304 stainless steel. This type will move this slicer to another new level.

Another notable feature about the blades is that they are anti-corrosion. These durable blades also resist rust and cannot be mechanically damaged.

The handle of the GoMin Kitchen Watermelon Slicer comes in a neat white color. I have to note that the handle is made of epoxy, making it much softer to use.

As a known feature about watermelon slicers, this slicer offers you a slicer and a tong as well. So, you lift your slices into your plate.

Concerning the Cleaning part, you can simply put this slicer in the dishwasher and let it do the rest for you

Pros And Cons

  • Hassle-Free Tool
  • Can Be Used For Many Purposes
  • Comes In A Gift Box
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Epoxy Handle
  • One slice at a time

Bottom line

GoMin Kitchen Watermelon Slicer Cutter and Server offers you a great gift for your beloved ones who loves watermelon. However,

7- Chef’s Path Watermelon Slicer-Multi Purpose

Chef's Path Watermelon Slicer

This is tool is not only for a professional cook or an amateur but also for the whole family. Your kids will love using this tool as it comes with different shapes.

This package offers two slicers that you can pair with your friend. So, each of you can work on one-half of the watermelon.

The scythe design of this slicer is another thing I love about this slicer.

With this special design, I can cut consistent slices.

You can also use this slicer as a tong to pick up your pieces into your plate

The slicer offers you a stainless-steel blade that is anti-rust one. These blades are also durable

Not only this slicer offers you an anti-rust blade, but it also offers you a metal wire at the hard end.

This wire allows you to get most of the flesh. So, you miss any of your favorite fruit.

This slicer is easy to move as it had rubber handles that provide you with a hard grip yet a comfortable one.

Another feature that I love about this slicer is that it offers another great tool with a knife on one side and a fruit baller on the other side.

The knife is craftily made and produced to sculpt shapes on your watermelon. In comparison, the baller is made to get you a round shape watermelon.

Pros And Cons

  • This slicer comes with two slicers at the same time.
  • You can use it as a slicer and a tong at the same time. 
  •  It comes with a rubber handle.
  • The box includes different tools
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Too many tools if you do not have much storage
  • Cuts one slice at a time

Bottom line

All these tools will help you get the perfect shape for decorating your salad or even a special dessert for your guests. This cutter offers you different shapes for your children. They can shape star shape out of the watermelon.

Such an easy-to-use tool will let your children love to eat fruit regularly as it is fun to do instead of having sugar-dense desserts. So, let them do this fun activity.

8- FEENM Large Watermelon slicer-Great Value

FEENM Large Watermelon slicer

What I love about this slicer is that it gives you a consistent 12 slicer of your favorite fruit at one time

The slicer features high-quality stainless-steel blades, which give you more confidence about this tool.

Simply pick your favorite fruit; however, its size as you can control the size of the pick easily.

One notable feature is the easy-grip handles. It is worth mentioning that this slicer needs a great effort to dig into your favorite fruit. so, it would be best if you had a strong arm to like this tool

 It is not specified whether you can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. So be prepared for any of them

One feature of the handles is that they cut through the hardest watermelon layer. The blades of this slicer are not made to be bend

Pros And Cons

  • High-quality stainless-steel blades
  • Sturdy and strong handles
  • Innovative design
  • You get only one regular shape of this slicer
  •  It needs a lot of force to cut through the watermelon
  •  It comes in a big size
  •  So it needs big storage.

Bottom line

Not only does this slicer work for watermelon, but it also works for other fruit. This watermelon cutter works for cantaloupe and melon as well.

9- ScharfPro Watermelon Slicer-Heavy Duty

ScharfPro Watermelon Slicer

High-quality materials are the defining point of this durable slicer. This watermelon slicer is made out of sturdy heavy-duty stainless steel.

This slicer resists warping and corrosion. Simply it is A watermelon slicer that will not stain.

What I like about this tool is being a two-function tool. You can use it as a slicer and a tong at the same time. So, you cut your watermelon and lift it to your plate immediately.

The slicer gives you a small cube of watermelon that is easy to eat, thanks to the metal wire at the bottom of it.

With regard to the prementioned features, this slicer offers you a rubber handle. As a result, you use the handle easily.

You can hold this hand effortlessly, whether you have wet or dry hands. It will work with the same effectiveness

There is also an excellent feature about the handle of this slicer is an anti-slip one, so you will not hurt your hand.

At the sharp end of this slicer, there is a metal wire which allows you to get plenty of flesh out of this fruit

This slicer will prevent you from getting any white part of the rind that has no taste. The juice will be kept inside the layer of the watermelon.

 Lastly, you will get a luxurious slice without any mess to clean. This slice is dishwasher safe. So, you don’t have to wash it with your bare hands

Pros And Cons

  • Durable
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Anti-corrosion tool
  • Double-function gadget
  • Mess-free tool
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes in a small size
  • It Cuts one slice at a time.

Bottom line

ScharfPro Watermelon Slicer offers you a small-sized tool. But you have to take into consideration that you will get only one slice at a time.

10- Habikoo Fruit Slicer & Peeler-Best Overall

Habikoo Slicer Tools Set

 What is more beautiful than buying a whole set for cutting your fruit? One feature of this slicer is that it comes with 9 different kitchen tools for you.

 Without further ado, this tool will save a lot of time as well as effort in cutting into your melon.

 I love this cutter because it comes with an ergonomic handle, which makes it comfortable to hold.

  The handle will give you comfortable usage. However, you will still be able to hold it with the firm.

 It doesn’t just end on the slicer as it gives multiple gadgets as a special knife for peeling avocado, a slicer for your favorite banana, and other exciting tools. 

 The manufacturer will provide you with a 30-day free trial. So, don’t worry about wasting your money.

Pros And Cons

  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Sturdy plastic
  • Set of tools
  • 30-day free trial period
  • A little bit pricey  

Bottom line

 The set is made with a mixture of high-quality, heavy-duty stainless steel and sturdy plastic, which give you more confidence while using this tool.

FAQs about the Best Watermelon Slicer

What is a watermelon slicer?

 A watermelon slicer is a tool that is specially made and produced to cut slices of watermelon.

 Some of these slicers may give you the chance to get special fruit shapes, and others may give you a standard slice.

Most of the slicers give you the consistent shape of the fruit every time you use it.  

Where to buy windmill watermelon slicer?

Windmill watermelon slicers are available just like any other slicer. You can buy them from next-buy shops, online, or even from the official store of your desired product.

What makes a good watermelon slicer?

There are some features you may consider while buying the slicer so you can get the best slicer in the store.

Find a slicer that has stainless- steel blades and avoid the flimsy plastic one for better results.

Always look for a rubber handle in your tool so you can get a firm-grip yet comfortable.

Finally, it would be better if you can adjust the size of your slicer so it can fit any size of your favorite fruit.

Why should I buy a watermelon slicer?

If you are a watermelon enthusiast and you get one every couple of days, then this tool will be a miracle for you. It will save a lot of time in the cutting process. Most of the slicers will also save you a lot of effort and strain.

What’s the best way to cut a watermelon?

There are a bunch of tutorials out there to cut the watermelon. I consider you to see one of them.

check this tutorial for a better slicing:

However, the most famous one starts by cutting your fruit into two pieces, then you shape it as you like.

How long does it take to cut a watermelon?

If you are using a high-quality tool, it may take only a couple of minutes. However, if you are using a standard regular knife, it may take longer.

How many days can a cut watermelon be stored in the fridge?

A cut- watermelon may last for many days. However, you have to bear in mind covering it tightly with a plastic bag or even cling wrap.

Final verdict

When it really comes down to summing it all up, here are our choices for the best watermelon slicers

If you are looking for a neat, classy gift for you friend yet an effective tool then, deficiently goes with GoMin Kitchen Watermelon Slicer as it comes in a classy gift box for your beloved ones

If your focus is more on having multiple effective tools to get a complete set for your watermelon, you definitely have to consider buying Habikoo Fruit Slicer & Peeler. It offers you a set of 9 tools.

Do you want a tool to get the job done quickly and at once? Then, FEENM Large Watermelon slicer is 100% a winner.

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