10 Best Knives For Cutting Meat 2021 | Buyers Guide

Great Value
Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Chef's Knife
Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Chef’s Knife
Premium Choice
Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Butcher Knife
Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Butcher Knife
Best Overall
Victorinox Fibrox® Pro Slicing Knife
Victorinox Fibrox® Pro Slicing Knife

  Have you ever bought this expensive piece of meat and turned out to be very raw or extremely well-done that is nearly burnt because you did not have the best knife for cutting meat?   

best knives for cutting meat

How often have you seen meat recipes, and you just gave up on them because you do not have the best knife for them.

Having a good knife is the key to your next meat dish. That is why I compiled the best guide to order the best knife that you genuinely need.

All you have to do is to read this article carefully and to answer the questions below.

List of 10 Best Knives for Cutting Meat 2021

  1.  Victorinox Fibrox® Pro Slicing Knife-Best overall.
  2.  DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Scimitar Knife-Includes sheath guard.
  3. Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Butcher Knife-Premium Choice.
  4. Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Forged Chef’s Knife-Great Value
  5. TUO Damascus Ring R Series 6 inch Boning knife-Best Performance.
  6. Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series 12 Inch Carving Knife-Granton Edge
  7. Henckels 16904-141 Forged Premio Boning Knife-Dishwasher Safe
  8. Global G-12 Silver Meat Cleaver-Bolsterless Design
  9. YOUSUNLONG Pro Gyuto 12 inch Chef’s knife-Bloodwood Handle
  10. Rada Cutlery Old Fashioned Butcher Knife-Aluminum Handle

Comparison table

Victorinox Fibrox® Pro Slicing KnifeVictorinox16 ounces (ca. 605 g)Check Price
DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Scimitar KnifeDALSTRONG24 ounces (ca. 907 g)10-inchCheck Price
Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Meat Cleaver Chopping Butcher KnifeSato25.6 ounces (ca. 968 g) 8-inchCheck Price
Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Forged Chef’s KnifeMercer0.01 ounces  (0.38 g)8-inchCheck Price
TUO Damascus Ring R Series 6 inch Boning knifeTUO9.6 ounces (ca. 363 g)6-inchCheck Price
Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series 12 Inch Carving KnifeZelite11 ounces (ca. 416 g)12-inchCheck Price
Henckels 16904-141 Forged Premio Boning Knife.Henckels3.2 ounces 5.5-inchCheck Price
Global G-12 Silver Meat CleaverGlobal16 ounces6 ½-inch  Check Price
YOUSUNLONG Pro Gyuto 12 inch Chef’s knifeSun long12.32 ounces (ca.349.26 g)12-inchCheck Price
Rada Cutlery Old Fashioned Butcher KnifeRada Cutlery 4.162 ounces (ca.117.9 g)12-1/8 Inches  Check Price

Best Knives for Cutting Meat

1- Victorinox Fibrox® Pro Slicing Knife-Best Overall

Victorinox Fibrox® Pro Slicing Knife

This sturdy 12-inch blade for cutting meat comes with a razor-sharp edge. This slicing knife is specially made to have the best performance in slicing your piece of meat.

This best knife for cutting meat has what is called a Granton blade. This chef’s knife can quickly and smoothly make up pockets of air. As a result, your meat will not ever stick to your edge.

 Victorinox knife has less friction with materials, which helps you cut with high quality. It also has a balanced weight that made you feel like a professional chef.

This cutting meat knife has been expertly crafted in Switzerland since 1884. Victorinox cutting knife has a lifetime warranty against defects. These defects can be in their material or even a craft-made mistake. So, this knife is a money-worth one.

It is a multi-use cutting meat knife. If you do not want to use this narrow blade for meat, you can cut bread for your kids or even cut your birthday cake. It is made to do some best slices.

 It has a sure grip and an ergonomic handle that makes it safe for our daily uses. 

It is a fiber ox Pro knife to put this slicing knife in the dishwasher. However, it recommends hand-washing.

Pros And Cons

  • Suits slicing everything
  • A non-stick edge
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Optimally weighted
  • High price for middle budget
  • Too long to use it easily

Bottom line

The National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) accredits this chef’s knife. So, you can use this Victorinox knife to the highest sanitary standards. Victorinox is a five-star chef’s knife that everyone seems to love.

2- DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife-Includes sheath guard

DALSTRONG Butcher's Breaking Cimitar Knife

This Dalstrong piece allows you to slice through your cuts of meat as if it is a pat of butter.

It has a PACA grip that experts made, especially in Spain. The cimitar blade is divine that you will swear by. It is made to fulfill cuts in a single motion, and the knife will keep ongoing.

The curved blade is designed to create dominance on your cut. The scimitar makes easy cuts. This 10-inch knife is made for you if you want to slice through any meat type with confidence.

Think about any meat you want to make, starting from beef to fillet, moving to poultry, and ending with your favorite fish. You can cut all of these various types into them by one and only one smooth motion of a Dalstrong knife.

 If you need to feel the best feeling while cutting through your 6 lb. (2.72 kg) of meat, this DALSTRONG knife can do a lot in this field.  

DALSTRONG chef’s knife is an excellent high-carbon stainless knife for professionals. It has excellent portability and power, along with its other impressive features. 

This cutting knife for meat has a scalloped blade that is about ten inches long. You can break through everything, even bone cartilage.

Pros And Cons

  • Excels in portioning and sectioning
  • Very good at slicing and trimming 
  • Unique scimitar shape
  • Come in the perfect size.
  • Comes in a luxurious package
  • Easy to handle
  • You may sharp it regularly
  • Easily rust
  • Made for chefs more than a home cook

Bottom line

  The DALSTRONG slicing knife is the best choice for cutting big hunks. If you had a rib eye or something, you wanted to turn it into steaks, or if you’re going to cut through a rib and turn it in chops. Then, this knife is going to be a great option.

3- Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Butcher Knife-Premium Choice

Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Butcher Knife

This knife is for you if you want to cook your food from scratch. This knife is made to be heavy. It cuts meat into little pieces without exerting much effort.

Experts provided it with a walnut wood handle to make it classier, but it is still simple.

Look closely at this knife. You will find out that it is made of stainless steel. This helps save your pocket by buying a different tool every day.

Sato manufacturer brings you a bone slicing cleaver which is a multipurpose one.

It will leave absolutely nothing to be desired. Your walnut wood slicing handle transcends into different types of meat.

It has stainless steel that will give you have immense power. It will give you also control over every steak filet that comes your way.

Its non-slip rubber handle makes it a tough knife. As a result, you can use it to smack and bang various items from cutting through bones with no problem.

  This large knife has effortless chopping, slicing, and butchering ability. Hold this premium slicer and let it do its work carefully.

  Its razor-sharp German steel blade will easily take on any food prep tasks. These tasks range from fish to meats, poultry, and even small bones.  

 Maintaining this blade by sharping it from time to time is a must-do job. You can sharpen it easily.

This well-balanced knife has heavy steel yet an easy to hold, and this combines both of them.

All products tend to beautify their narrow blade. Here comes the significance of the full straight edge. This Sato can make you transfer your food quickly to any pot from a different place.

Pros And Cons

  • Balanced weight
  • Sharp blade
  • Long-lasting
  • Not easily damaged
  • Slightly heavy for some people
  • You may need a chopping board.

Bottom line

 Suppose you can pay a little more money but invest it in some tool that will last. This would be a great choice for you,

4- Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Chef’s Knife-Great Value

Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Chef's Knife

This 8-inch best knife for cutting meat is a money-worth blade, whether you are a professional or amateur. This blade comes with German steel. It is a tapered ground edge that helps you find it more stable while using it.

 Also, we have to mention that this type of knife makes it last longer than any counterpart. It can resist both hot and cold temperatures.

I  have to mention that this best knife for cutting meat has a short bolster.  NFS has certified it with a stamp, which makes it very sanitary.

Mercer is also water and heat-resistant. It has rivets that attach the handle to the full tang. Along with that, they are using a high carbon German x50 CRM ov1 five alloys.

 The tapered round edge sounds fancy. But I would like to mention that you have to be very careful while sharpening this knife at home as it will feel slightly different because you do not have the same machines as the manufacturer. So you will not get this tapered round edge-on.

Pros And Cons

  • Slices meat smoothly
  • A brand that has a good reputation
  • Perfect balance
  • May need a lot of care to clean
  • Need a little effort to use
  • \Have a big curve

Bottom line

So, if you tend to clean everything before you use it, and you do not care much about your edge’s sharpness. This cutting meat knife worth your money.

5- TUO Damascus Ring R Series 6 inch Boning knife-Heavy Duty

TUO Damascus Ring R Series 6 inch Boning knife

  This is a kind of knives that you can see in the restaurant’s kitchen.  

This TUO edge is made of German stainless steel. This knife has a Pakkawood handle that helps you grip it easily.

TUO is a company that is so self-assured with its products. They even offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you find any mistakes in this product.

This blade is a non-stick one. As a result, you can slice your meat smoothly because there is no resistance due to food being stuck to the blade. The pits on it help separate the cuts of meat from the knife.

The meat cutting knife is made in China with imported German high carbon steel. This means that the blade and handle are solid pieces. You can consider it as the best knife for cutting meat easily.

 The handle is covered with a very nice-looking pakkawood. This pakkawood is engineered to look like wood, so it is less likely to warp and split like real wood.

This boning cutting knife comes in a nice purple box purple with a nice microfiber cloth. I have got like forty-four layers of Damascus steel. The core is around sixty Rockwell hardness.

Pros And Cons

  • Well balanced
  • You can use it easily
  • Cuts in equal parts
  • Has a solid building
  • Does not perform well against bones
  • Not the best tool to be used on vegetables
  • Has a big size
  • Its tip can be cracked.

Bottom line

If you are only looking for a meat cutting knife and will not use it in any other cutting, this is the ideal tool for you.

6- Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series 12 Inch Carving Knife-Granton Edge

Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series 12 Inch Carving Knife

I want to talk about this infinity-cutting meat knife from the brand zelite. This one is what we called a multipurpose knife.  Using this knife will give you a thin slice of meat and a tiny slice of an apple.    

The traditional Honbazuke method makes it sharper than any other counterpart. It would be bizarre if this knife not to be a non-stick one.  It comes with a tapered bolster and a rounded forged handle. Slicing meat with this knife is a straightforward job.

It comes with 15 years of complete warranty and a money-back guarantee. If you have just watched a video for Gordon Ramsey using the pinch grip style of cutting

Pros And Cons   

  • Easy to use
  • Very adaptable
  • Extra sharp blade
  • The handle is very comfy to hold
  • You can control it easily.
  • Wider than normal knifes
  • Cuts with just a single angle so might be dangerous
  • Expensive

7- Henckels 16904-141 Forged Premio Boning Knife-Dishwasher Safe

Henckels 16904-141 Forged Premio Boning Knife

This slicing knife has a triple-rivet handle that gives you dominance. It has a superior balance that makes it easy to use.

This meat-cutting knife has a tang that adds balance to it. Its Triple-riveted handle offers a comfortable, confident grip while slicing.

 It is made of high-quality High-carbon stainless steel that resists stains. Its stainless steel is made in Germany. As a result, it is used to remove poultry, meat, or fish‘s delicate bones.

 It is made and produced in Spain. This is a forged knife, so it’s made from a single piece of German steel and has been hammered out and sharpened.

This slicing knife has a high-quality bolster.  Its back bolster is nice in slicing.  It’s going to help you with that rocking motion when you’re chopping and slicing your meat.

  It has a unique handle that has a brushed stainless-steel back.  It goes all the way to the end of the knife. This makes it very comfortable in your hand with that nice curve on the top. The pole bolster is excellent for chopping through heavier foods.

 your high-quality knife for cutting meat is going to do a lot of the work for your muscle

Pros And Cons

  • High-quality of the workmanship
  • Mostly featherweight
  • Well-balanced
  • Requires no extra pressure to chop
  • Recommends hand washing
  • Tarnishes after every use
  • Handle broke off clear from cleaver

Bottom line

  It is like an extension of your hand, and that’s what a knife should be. It’s an instrument, but at the same time, it’s very comfortable to hold.

8- Global G-12 6 1/2″ Silver Meat Cleaver-Bolsterless Design

Global G-12 Meat Cleaver for slicing

This cutting meat knife has a Square shape. It is designed to crave and cut through bones as it is made of completely stainless steel, which gives it a classy shape.

 This slicing knife has bolstered design for full edge use. It also has a Razor-sharp straight edge sharpened by hand at a 15 percent angle.

  This meat-cutting knife has black synthetic grips that provide a slip-free hold. This knife is light weighted one.

Pros And Cons

  • High-quality of the workmanship
  • Featherweight
  • Well-balanced
  • Requires no extra pressure to chop
  • Recommends hand washing
  • Tarnishes after every use
  • Handle broke off clear from cleaver

9- YOUSUNLONG Pro Gyuto 12 inch Chef’s knife-Bloodwood Handle

YOUSUNLONG Pro Gyuto 12 inch Chef's knife

This chef’s knife for cutting meat comes in a well-packed condition. It feels pretty sharp hammered steel. It has a gorgeous pattern. The back of the knife is pretty thick.

 The textures on the blade forged by craftsmanship, called ‘Tsuchime’ (Hammered pattern).

 This is a unique Damascus blade, and a Pure Natural Rosewood Handle made to be the best Chef’s Knife. A beautiful gift box is included. The length of the blade is 12 inches; the thickness is about 2.5mm.  However, this knife does not chop bone.

It has an Ergonomic handle shape. This will effectively reduce fatigue during using it.  

It will always give you a non-stick experience. SUN LONG Damascus Chef’s Knives are not only a Kitchen Knife; the decoration is also world-class.

Pros And Cons

  • Non-stick edge 
  • Sharp and fits the hand
  • Good steel 
  • Classical Shape
  • Very expensive 
  • Normal quality

Bottom line

 Suppose you are looking for a classy yet useful knife. Then, it is an excellent gift for your loved ones or parents in the cooking of exciting dishes and enjoys the food.

No one wants to buy a decoration knife that ends up being on the table for the guests. Of course, this is not one of them.

10- Rada Cutlery Old Fashioned 12-1/8” Butcher Knife-Aluminum Handle

Rada Cutlery Old Fashioned 12-1/8'' Butcher Knife

This knife for cutting meat’s main purpose is cutting, splitting, and stripping large cutting meat chops.

 The heavy, 7-3/4-inch blade on this butcher knife is made from surgical grade. It comes with a T420 high carbon stainless steel. This steel hand sharpened, creating a razor-sharp edge.  

It also includes a skinning tip. This butcher knife works great for meat and cuts through fruits such as pineapple easily. It has a wide variety of uses.

 The handle on the butcher knife is long and easy to grip. It is made of a durable black stainless steel resin that can be washed in the dishwasher.

Pros And Cons

  • Very cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Finger guard for the greatest protection
  • Not long as advertised 
  • Not very sharp

Bottom line

The name says it all. It will help you butcher or segment large cuts of meat. It enables you to split, chop and cut with effortless power.

FAQs about Best Knives for Cutting Meat

What are blade edges made of? 

All blades are produced using hardened steel. All steel contains carbon which adds hardness to the edge. Some blades are made of ceramic, but it is not an ideal choice for cutting meat

What will you use it for?

This inquiry’s response is most likely everything from preparing vegetables to cutting meat for the vast majority. But some people will be searching for something more specific. In any case, you need the correct instrument for the correct activity.

What’s your style in cutting foods?

It’s a smart thought to consider how you will utilize it. At the end of the day, your way of cutting foods has a great significance that even can be more important than your expensive knife.

It doesn’t matter how much your knife costs if you don’t know how to hold your blade correctly.

You can ruin the shape of your bread if you do not how to slice it.

Final verdict

Using an inappropriate sort of blade to cut a turkey or cut meat for jerky will not bring the ideal outcomes.

  When Talking about the best knife for cutting meat, there are many options. If you want a light knife but still get the job done, then definitely go with the Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Chef’s Knife.

But if you are a professional chef or want to get the best slice of meat, go with Sato Forged Heavy-Duty 8 Meat Cleaver.

If you are running out of budget, then Victorinox Fibrox® Pro Slicing Knife is 100% a winner

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