The Best 5 Old Hickory Knives Review 2024

Old Hickory knives by Ontario knife company are one of the oldest knives lines that are still being produced, they are being around since 1889.

These knives have fans all around the world for many reasons, first, they have been designed to get a wide variety of jobs done, second, they are razor-sharp, third, they are super easy to sharpen, last but not least they are inexpensive.

Here we will talk about the best 5 Old Hickory knives.

Common qualifications and specifications

  • This line is MADE IN THE USA!
  • It is a great knife that chefs want to get if they could sharpen knives and personally take care of them.
  • One of the main cons is that it rusts if washed and wiped clean with much water.
  • All Old Hickory knives characteristic a hardwood handle material with brass compression rivets.
  • The blade on every ontario old hickory knife is sharp and could keep an edge and sharpen a good deal higher than maximum stainless-steel knives.
  • This product contains chemicals identified to the State of California. To cause cancer and genetic damage or other generative harm.
  •  Warmth handled material and tempered to offer a razor-sharp quality slicing feature that sharpening is effortless when needed.
  • Carbon steel knives require extra care to save them from rusting and oxidation of the surface.
  • Old Hickory must no longer be put in a dishwasher or allowed to soak in a sink.
  •  If the blade shows rust stains, use a little steel wool to get rid of it after finishing spray a few oils to the edge.
  • To preserve the blade razor-sharp, use a sharpening stone.

List of the best old hickory knives 2024

  1. The Old hickory paring knife-Affordable
  2. Moteng Ontario Knives Slicing Knife-High Performance
  3. Moteng Ontario Household Boning Knife-Brass Rivets
  4. Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife-Craftsmanship
  5. Ontario Knife Old Hickory Cook Knife 79-8, One Size, 7045TC-Synthetic Blade

 comparison list

BrandEdge materiallengthHandle material
The Old hickory paring knifeCarbon steel2 InchesHardwoodCheck Price
Moteng Ontario Knives Slicing KnifeCarbon steel8 InchesHardwoodCheck Price
Moteng Ontario Household Boning KnifeCarbon steel3.2 InchesHardwoodCheck Price
Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher KnifeCarbon steel10 InchesHardwoodCheck Price
The Old hickory Cook knifes  Alloy steel8 IncheshardwoodCheck Price

Old Hickory Knives Review

The Old hickory paring knife-Affordable

The Old hickory pairing knife

The paring knife is a fine, short-bladed edge, used for easy cutting, peeling, and dicing fruits and vegetables.

The blades are simple, sharp, and precise. Ideal for foods with one texture on the skin and another inside. Like a hard-crusted bread or tomato.

They are Well-shaped blades with a sharply pointed edge with compact overall length and fixed handle-to-blade.

Old hickory paring knife is a necessary tool of the set for detailed work. in fact, the serrated version got many tasks done even more effortlessly.

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Moteng Ontario Knives Slicing Knife-High Performance

Moteng Ontario Knives Slicing Knife

The 8″ Slicing knife is a heavy-duty cutting tool for vegetable harvesting and meal preparation.

Chefs enjoy cutting through joints, cutlery, and ligaments. and this slicer knife will make it more joyful.

 Yet, the Old hickory slicing knife features a wood handle, making this set box stands out from the other competitors.

They are tough. To the point that will use any of the knife’s edge for any job.

An excellent manual knife sharpener or an electric sharpener is all that you need to preserve this knife for years to come.

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Moteng Ontario Household Boning Knife-Brass Rivets

Moteng Ontario Household Boning Knife

The Ontario wood hickory boning knives are decent carbon steel knives, that have been a pretty way to ease into butchering tasks.

 Some of the boning knife’s pros are that It holds an amazing durable edge shape. And it is quite easy to sharpen.

 It is top-notch for most meat and poultry, but it isn’t not going to be a cool tool for filleting fish, where chefs need a little flex inside the blade.

 All in all, this is an excellent inexpensive knife.

It is a highly recommended kitchen tool for all chefs seeking to try out decent carbon steel or wanna buy a fine boning knife.

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Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife-Craftsmanship

Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife

The Ontario old hickory butcher knife is only made for butchering so don’t expect to dice vegetables.

Butchers will need to personally take care of a decent carbon steel honing edge properly. The reason is that every 20-30 minutes of continuous slicing require a retouch of sharpening the edge.

They are made of high carbon steel, fully heat-treated, and cold tempered for razor-sharp cutting edges.

One thing that may quickly damage the knife-edge durability is running it into bones and cutting over tough cutting boards like metal, glass, or stone.

Professional butchers use the old hickory butcher knife in the butchering factory and chefs use it in food preparations in restaurants.

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Ontario Knife Old 7045TC Hickory Cook Knife-Synthetic Blade

Ontario Knife Old 7045TC Hickory Cook Knife

The old hickory cook knives are great blades and were missing from the factory lineup for far too long.

They do come a little dull, and the quality of the edges is not perfect and needs a few minutes on a sharpening stone.

They are FAIR popping sharp tools. The Ontario Old Hickory 8″ Cook Knife is a must-have tool for every kitchen. it performs well in a beautiful style for slicing, chopping, and dicing

The Old Hickory Cook Knife features an 8.13″ 1074 high-quality carbon steel blade and a 4.87″ Hardwood decent wood handle.

But in fact, the knife’s construction sits a little “loose” in the hold of the handle.

The grind angle primarily of this carbon steel knife is shaped to have a WIDER ANGLE than a lot of stainless knives.

FAQ about Old Hickory Knives

Are the old Hickory knives good for food preparations?

  • The factory edge is not excellent in terms of slicing meat. But all of them handle well. The wooden handles feel fine, and the shape of the blade has lots of use in slicing and stabbing motions.
  • The boning knife and paring knives have the best edges. People count on a brand-new knife to handle honing a huge piece of meat and ligaments. Amongst the three, the paring knife with 3.25-inch outperformed the others slightly.
  •  Even the sharpening is simple to do simple cuts easily. When it is time to cut down the meat of any kind or bought for preparing meals for the oven, chefs will cut loads of food smoother with a superb butcher knife. 
  • Butcher knives are to be had in a bunch of styles, and for a low price.

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Are the old and new hickory knives the same?

Both product lines are identical. An Old Hickory knife people bought can be a decent deal because the Old Hickory grandpa sold again in the 1950s.

Here are the most important variations among a vintage Old Hickory and a brand-new Old Hickory:

The handles are made with Walnut. Hickory is of high quality, while Walnut is much less quality. Buying a much less quality hardwood damages the knife’s charge, and the distinction in the durability between Hickory and Walnut is a con. At the same time, it comes to apply as a handle.

Grandpa’s Old Hickory changed into razor-sharp, and the brand new Old Hickory knives are not as sharp as grandpa’s vintage Old Hickory. Grandpa probably loved sprucing his Old Hickory, and the grandpas honed it regularly.

Old Hickory knives require personal care and maintenance. Hone it before using it. Wipe the blade after. Occasionally supply the edge a mild coating with oil. It is not dishwasher safe. The fine thing is to scrub it and at once dry it.

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