10 Best Sharpening Whetstone Set 2021 | Honing Stone Review

Great Value
Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone
Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone
Best Overall
Dalstrong Premium Whetstone Set
Dalstrong Premium Whetstone Set
Premium Choice
DMT Whetstone 3-6-in. Models Sharpener
DMT Whetstone 3-6-in. Models Sharpener

In this article, we will be talking about the best whetstone set that you can buy to maintain your knives from being dull.

Having an expensive knife is never enough, as any knife needs to be sharpened regularly. Any knife needs to be sharpened, whether it is a meat or chicken knife.

Buying the blade is always the first and not the final step.

 As the famous saying goes, “If you invest a lot but don’t maintain it, you won’t even harvest enough to re-seed.” That is precisely the case when you spend a lot of money over a blade, but you don’t know how to sharpen it correctly.

 There are a variety of tools out there to sharpen your knives. Some people tend to buy specialized sharpeners while others use sharpening rods.

 Dull knives are not only useless but can also cause disasters, as misusing a knife can harm your hands badly. That is why it is always preferable to sharpen your knife from time to time.

You may think that all whetstones are the same, but actually, they differ in shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for the perfect whetstone, then you should look for a complete set. Having a complete one will enable you to have multiple levels of grit.

 Keep your knife just as before with choosing the right set for you and your knives.

List of The Best Sharpening Whetstone Set 2021

  1. Finew Professional Whetstone Sharpener Stone Set-4 Grits
  2. Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone-Great Value
  3. Edge Pro Sharpening System Apex Model Kit 2-Carrying Case
  4. DMT Whetstone 3-6-in. Models Sharpener-Premium Choice
  5. Knife Planet Premium Knife Sharpening Stone-Bamboo Base
  6. Dalstrong Premium Whetstone Set-Best Overall
  7. Razorri Knife Sharpening Stone Kit-Double-Sided
  8. KING Whetstone Starter Set-Wiping Cloth Included
  9. Culinary Obsession Knife Sharpening Stone Kit-Non Slip
  10. Three Way Cut Knife Sharpening Stone Kit-Flattening Stone

Comparison table

Finew Professional Whetstone Sharpener Stone SetFinew4.11 pounds12.4 x 5.4 x 5 inchesCheck Price
Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening StoneSharp Pebble1.7 pounds7.25 x 2.25 x 1 inchesCheck Price
Edge Pro Sharpening System Apex Model Kit 2Edge Pro2 lbs. 15 oz.Not mentionedCheck Price
DMT Whetstone 3-6-in. Models SharpenerDiamond Machine Technology1.8 pounds9 x 11 x 11 inchesCheck Price
Knife Planet Premium Knife Sharpening StoneKnifePlanet4.79 pounds9.6 x 8 x 4 inchesCheck Price
Dalstrong Premium Whetstone SetDALSTRONG0.6 ounces15.7 x 13.3 x 2.7 inchesCheck Price
Razorri Knife Sharpening Stone Kit-DoubleRazorri4.62 pounds2.28 x 7 x 1.1 inchesCheck Price
KING Whetstone Starter SetKING16 ounces9 x 3.1 x 2.2 inchesCheck Price
Culinary Obsession Knife Sharpening Stone KitCulinary Obsession2.4 pounds9 x 4.3 x 2.6 inchesCheck Price
Three Way Cut Knife Sharpening Stone KitThree Way Cut3.99 pounds9.45 x 5.28 x 2.76 inchesCheck Price

The Best Sharpening Whetstone Set

1- Finew Professional Whetstone Sharpener Stone Set-4 Grits

Finew Professional Whetstone Stone Set- Sharpener Stone Kit

Before everything else, this set is made to save your knives from being dull.

As for the components of this fantastic set, you will get a 400/1000 grit water stone, which helps you sharpen all the blades.

You will also get 3000/8000 grit water stone that is made especially for refining edges.

Do you think it ends here? The simple answer is no.

The set also offers a coarse flattening Stone, non-slip Bamboo board, angle guider, and leather strop.

The best thing about this set is that every tool has a whole separate purpose that is important in the process.

The good news is that this set is made for various tools, and it doesn’t stop on a single type of blade. You can use this set on both expensive and cheap blades, and it will work the same.

You will get 4 kinds of grit that can be applied to other tools besides the blades. You can use this set for sharpening scissors, chisel, and even axes.

Some sharpener requires experience so that you can use them efficiently. Unlike these tools, this set can be used easily, whether you’re a professional or a beginner.

As for the top-quality materials, it is worth noting that this set is made of a professional-grade Corundum that is Aluminum Oxide.

For more confidence in this set, the manufacturer provides you with 30 days of no reason to return service, which is enough for you to try it as much as you can to make sure that it will work the best for your blades.

Unlike Arkansas stones or slip stone grinders, all you have to do is to soak this kit in water for 10 minutes. There is no need to sharpen pretty expensive oils.

It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer reinforced the bamboo base to prevent any possible damage during the transportation process.

I can’t forget that the leather strop will give your knife a finer polish than before and remove any burr.

As for the price, the set comes with an affordable value for what it offers you.

Pros And Cons

  • Excellent quality
  • Suitable for professionals and beginners alike
  • Well-packed
  • Flattening stone is small
  • There is no user pamphlet

Bottom line

Finew Professional Whetstone Stone Set is an excellent kit for saving dull knives. It comes with great tools that will help revive your knives back.

However, there is no user pamphlet that you may need, especially if you are a beginner.

2- Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone-Great Value

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone -Sharpening Stone

Let’s move to another great set on our list of this article, which belongs to the famous Sharp Pebble.

Are you looking for a great and affordable sharpening tool? How about having 3 of them in just one affordable bundle.

You will get a Water stone (grit 400/1000) in this superior set, along with that a Non-Slip Rubber Base and a Flattening Stone.

Here’s an interesting side note, you will get a Knife Sharpening Guide, which will give the right instructions to have the perfect sharp knife.

Forget about your dull or damaged blades, as this set will revive your knives just as they were when you first bought them. You will be able to cut faster and easier than before.

Have you ever felt that terrible pain in your arm after cutting with a dull knife? If your answer is yes, you should probably get yourself the right set to reduce this pain.

 You may think that this set is designed only for one type of knives.

However, the truth is that this multi-purpose set of whetstone can be applied on various knives that range from a paring knife, kitchen knives to hunting and pocket knives.

The good news is that you can also use this set to re-sharpen scissors, carving, and gardening tools.

 Straightforward to the materials of this set, the water stone is made from top-quality s silicon carbide dual side grit 400/1000, which is very durable.

In case you don’t know, the grit 400 is mainly used to restore the sharpness of the edges again.

As for the Grit 1000, it is considered with the part of smoothing the edges.

 You shouldn’t underestimate the white flattening stone, as it is made specially to even the surface of the blade to become flat.

It is worth mentioning that the excessive and repeated use of knives can cause them to be uneven. That is why you will need a white flattening stone in your set.

 You will be pleased to know that you won’t need a honing oil, as this set is enough by itself.

Pros And Cons

  • Silicon carbide material
  • No need for sharpening oil
  •  Affordable
  • Quite soft material
  • Not very flat

Bottom line

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone is a great set with a variety of great tools. Nevertheless, you may be confused about the soft material of this set.

3-Edge Pro Sharpening System Apex Model Kit 2-Carrying Case

Edge Pro Sharpening System Apex Model Kit 2

If you are one of those who think that the higher you pay, the more quality you will get, you may consider this effective set.

In terms of the equipment, the set comes with five different whetstones. With a range of different measures of whetstones, this set becomes ideal for sharpening your dull blades.

Without further ado, the grits range from coarse to ultra-fine with different sizes.

The tools in this set don’t stop here, as you will get two-grit polish tapes, which will add a neat touch to your knives.

What I really like about this set is the “touch-up tool,” which is a 1200-grit ceramic hone. This remarkable tool is specially made to preserve a sharp edge, so you don’t have to re-sharpen it before every use.

Last but not least, you will get a neat black bag, so you gather everything in it to prevent any mess.

  As a beginner, you may not be able to understand how to use the tools correctly; that is why the manufacturer provides you with a DVD that has all the instructions.

This tool may be quite pricey, but in the end, you will find a tool that will get your knives sharp just as before without hassle.

 Finally, this set is applicable for all sizes and shapes of knives. You can use it to sharpen heavy tactical blades and thin knives.

If you are a gentleman who owns an expensive pen knife that becomes dull over time, you may consider it.

Pros And Cons

  • Quality built into every piece
  • The instructions are clear
  • It takes no time to re-sharpen
  • Instructional DVD
  • Expensive  
  • Does not include a collar

Bottom line

 Edge Pro Apex Whetstone set is what you are looking for your dull blades. It has every tool you will need to revive your dull blades.

Nevertheless, you will pay quite a lot of money on this set.

4- DMT Whetstone 3-6-in. Models Sharpener-Premium Choice

Diamond Machine Technology (DMT) Diamond Whetstone Models Sharpener

 Maybe you have a friend of yours whose birthday in a few weeks, and you want to give a neat gift.

What is better than having a set of whetstones in a modern hard box to store the stones after finishing?

 Technically, the manufacturer designed these stones with a coarse style. You will get 3 bench stones diamond grit. Each one has a separate use that is as important as the others.

The extra-fine one with a size of 9 is specially made to give a neat polish and refine the edges of your dull knives.

As for the fine stone with a measure of 25 microns/600 mesh, you can use it for the less dull ones. You can apply it for a recently bought knife.

I can’t forget about the coarse one that is made to revive your dull blades again to their old shapes.

The good thing about this set is that you only need a few strikes to produce a sharp blade, no more, no less.

 Unlike other tools, you don’t have to apply honing oil or even water to the surface.

 I really like this brand because it focuses on providing instructional videos, so people can easily learn how to use their tools.

Finally, for extra confidence in this set, the manufacturer offers a 100% replacement guarantee against any defects.

Another notable thing about this set is that you can buy it separately or as a whole complete one.

In the kitchen, you can apply these stones to a bunch of knives as Chef Knife, Paring Knife, Boning Knife, and more.

It doesn’t stop here as you can apply this set of whetstones to your garden tools like a hoe or an axe.

DMT craftily designed the stones to be flat so that you can have an even touch with the tools.

Pros And Cons

  • Even Sharpening
  • Replacement if there is any defect
  • Long-Lasting Service
  • 3 in 1 set
  • Not big enough
  • Should be wider to fit large knives

Bottom line

 DMT Diamond Whetstone Models Sharpener is a modern set that will definitely help you sharpen your dull blades.

Nevertheless, if you mainly own large knives, this set maybe not wide enough for them.

5- Knife Planet Premium Knife Sharpening Stone-Bamboo Base

Knife Planet Premium Knife Sharpening Stone

You may think that only the people who are not very acquainted with the cooking know nothing about dull blades.

But the truth is that it, not just the cook who suffers but also the hunter and gardener.

The truth is that anyone who is using a dull tool with a blade will suffer.

Dull knives can barely cut cheese; that is why Knife Planet offers you this set to restore your sharp blades once again.

Here’s an interesting side note about this set because you will get 2 stones with 4 grits to extremely sharpen your dullest tools.

Right from the start, the 400/1000-grit stone is specially made to remove any presence of burr.

It doesn’t end here, as this stone can also sharpen the edges correctly. You will also get a 3000/8000-gritstone that will give a fine polish to your knives at the end.

It is worth mentioning that you should soak the stones in water for about 10 minutes before using it. However, there is no need for honing oil.

Because your safety is always a priority, the manufacturer includes 2 non-slip rubber bases that will reduce any possible dangerous slips.

For extra safety, you will also get a bamboo stone holder, which again prevents any kind of slipping.

Here is the interesting part; after time, the stone may become uneven and impossible to sharpen with it.

In this set, you will be able to fix any failing in the stone and return it back to being flat and even.

KnifePlanet earns its spot by giving you a bonus gift with your purchase. You will get a link with many options for instrumental videos and articles by which you can develop many skills.

Pros And Cons

  • 2 non-slip rubber bases
  • Sharpen the edges correctly
  • Instrumental videos
  • Most of the stones are very coarse and wear away quickly

Bottom line

Knife Planet Premium Knife Sharpening Stone offers a tremendous feature that you will like; however, most of the stones in this set are very coarse.

6- Dalstrong Premium Whetstone Set-Best Overall

DALSTRONG Premium Whetstone Set

 If you are a real enthusiast of blades, you must have heard of Dalstrong, which is known for its supreme quality tools.

 It is always acceptable to spend money, so you can save your knives from being dull and damaged.

You even pay money to also keep your hand from being hurt from these dull blades.

The set comes with all the tools that you will need to restore this sharp shape of knives.

Right from the start, you will get two individual whetstones that are specially made for accurate sharpening.

As for the top quality materials of these two whetstones, you will be pleased to know that these stones are made high-grade corundum (aluminum oxide).

If your focus is more on sharpening larger knives, then the manufacturer assures that you will get thick and oversized stones to fit your blade’s surface perfectly.

Restore the scalpel-like edge of your expensive knife. Just use the 1000 gritstone to restore your dullest knife.

What I really like about this set is that it includes a 6000 gritstone that is craftily designed to put a mirror polish to your knife.

Do you own one or more of the Japanese style knives that got dull over time? If yes, then you may consider this set, as it works great for them.

It doesn’t end here, as you can still use these whetstones to sharpen German knives, scissors, and more other tools.

 Are you wondering about the best part?

You will get a handcrafted Acacia wood base, which will be used as a level surface. This part is meant to prevent your stones from slipping. You can also use it as proper storage.

 If you think that you should spend a lot of money on a sharpener, in the end, you are mistaken, as this set offers you a bunch of tools that worth your money.

Just to prove that this set is worth it, you will get a Nagura flattening stone, which will be used as a conditioner.

If you are a beginner, you will be pleased to know that this set comes with detailed instructions and a whetstone usage guide.

 Lastly, Dalstrong prides itself on having top-quality materials, which is why it offers its customers a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.  You will also get a lifetime warranty against any defects.

If you are a fan of this brand you can find different products for it in other articles in kitchenzad, try not to miss any of them

Pros And Cons

  • Rust & Stain Remover
  • Silicone Non-Slip Stone Holder
  • Nagura Flattening Stone
  • Instructional guide
  • Naguro stone is small to flatten stone effectively

Bottom line

Dalstrong Premium Whetstone Set is an effective opportunity to fix your dull blades once again, unless your focus is more on flat stones, as the Naguro stone is quite small.

7- Razorri Knife Sharpening Stone Kit-Double-Sided

Razorri Knife Sharpening Whetstone Kit- Double-Sided

  If you are making a steak for your friends, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time sharpening your knives. Instead, it would be best if you focused on the dish recipe to get the best dish.

Swooping into the components of this remarkable set, you will get 4 different sizes of stones; thus, you will be able to sharpen all your tools, from paring knives to cleavers.

Not only is this set capable of re-sharpening dull knives, but also it can repair chipped edges of different tools.

The angle part is one of the most challenging parts of using whetstones or stones in general as sharpeners.

Many beginners will feel it difficult for them to adjust the correct angle for their blade.

Here comes the exciting part of this kit, as it comes with a perfect sturdy angle guide that will help you maintain the precise angle.

If you feel lost, remember that all you have to do is to pass your blade into the guide, and that’s it.

What still makes you hesitant about buying whetstones? Is it because you are afraid that stones will wear after a while?

If yes, you shouldn’t worry, as this kit includes a flattening stone designed mainly to smooth the stones to be just as you bought them.

Because “safety is not expensive, it is priceless,” this set includes a non-slip rubber, which is craftily made to stabilize your stones and prevent their slipping.

It worth noting that the set also includes a leather strop that will remove any metal burrs. Besides, it will give you a mirror polish finish.

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to focus only on sharpening your knives instead of worrying about hurting your finger.

Pros And Cons

  • Exceptional value
  • Great for a beginner
  • Excellent customer services
  • The stones don’t come in a flat condition

Bottom line

Razorri Knife Sharpening Whetstone Kit is a rock-solid set that will re-sharpen your blades just as before.

Nevertheless, you may have to flatten your stone before using them in case the set needs to be flattened.

8- KING Whetstone Starter Set-Wiping Cloth Included

KING Whetstone Starter Set

If you know the Japanese, you know that they are hard workers in everything they make, including this Japanese kit of whetstones.

What is really cool about this set is that it looks similar to natural whetstones, which adds to its durability.

The early focus will be on the outer display of this set. If you look closely, you will find that this double-sided kit has whetstone on each side.

Here is an interesting note, the first side comes with a 1000 grit for the primary sharpening, while the second side comes with a 6000 for the neat finish.

You likely hate repeating the process of sharpening every time you use the knife. That is why the manufacturer assumes that this set is durable enough to make your blades razor-sharp for a long time.

 It doesn’t end here, as the kit also provides you with an angled holder so that you can use it quickly and with high accuracy.

Another significant part of this set is the two-ceramic protective rods that come with a plastic base, which adds durability.

Unlike other sets, this one includes a wiping cloth to give you the best comfortable experience.

What is really good about this cloth is that it features high absorbency and still dries quickly.

If you are sick of other tools that come with defects, don’t worry as this set provides you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with friendly customer service in case you have any problem with the kit.

Pros And Cons

  • Offers an exceptionally blunted edge
  • Very responsive material
  • Stable Plastic Base
  • Original Wiping Cloth
  • Some stones may arrive chipped

Bottom line

  KING Whetstone Starter Set prides itself on offering an effective kit for sharpening dull knives.

Howbeit, some stones might get cracked, and you need to ask for a replacement.

9- Culinary Obsession Knife Sharpening Stone Kit-Non Slip

Culinary Obsession Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

If you have not like any of the past products, you may have a look at this set by Culinary Obsession.

Because sharp knives are the real way to have great meals, this brand offers you a great set to re-sharpen your blades and restore their glory once again.

  The manufacturer of this brand assumes that these whetstones will even make them much sharpener than their initial condition when you bought them.

 For a fantastic experience, you will get an extra-large sharpening system that will enable you to sharpen even your most massive knives effortlessly.

 As a beginner, you may not be able to use this set accurately, which is why the manufacturer provides you with a bunch of video instructions and a user guide for easy and fast learning.

You will find the instruction link for the video in the packing. As for the user guide, you will get it via Amazon mail. 

I really like the non-slip bamboo base that comes with the set. This part is made to ensure having the best comfortable experience.

 Just as other sets on this list, you will get an angle guide, so you use the accurate blade angle.

 Whether you have an expensive Wusthof knife or a cheap blade, this set will sharpen your edges better than before.

 Not only knives do these stones fix, but also it can sharpen swords, scissors, and even axes.

For more confidence in this set, you will get a 1-year money-back guarantee. You can use it now without any fear of losing money over a bunch of cracked stones.

If you have any problem, all you have to do is to contact them immediately. They would make it right, or instead, you will get your money back.

Are you wondering about the best part yet?

You will also have a world-class customer service, who are there for you in case you need anything with the set.

Pros And Cons

  • Free Knife Sharpening Angle Guide
  • Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee
  • Premium quality
  • A bit too soft Chips easily

Bottom line

Culinary Obsession Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone is an excellent choice for your budget and your knives. However, it may easily chip, as it is a bit too soft.

10- Three Way Cut Knife Sharpening Stone Kit-Flattening Stone

Culinary Obsession Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

As we approach our last item on our list, it must be a good one to end our article with; for this reason, I choose The Three-Way Cut set.

For a beginner, this set is perfect as it comes at an affordable price and yet with a durable bunch of stones.

Straightforward to the components, this set includes top-quality 2 double-sided stones, which are the 400/1000 and 3000/8000 Grits.

Another significant part of this set is the neat Bamboo base, as well as the perfect flattening stone.

The multi-purpose set can be applied for many different tools, from a kitchen knife to a hunting blade and everything in between.

  Unlike other tools, this set is exceptionally easy to use, especially for beginners. There no need for a unique physical effort or additions as honing oil.

 For a more stable experience, you will get a silicon base to ensure stabilizing the stone and preventing any slipping.

 Every stone in this set has a particular purpose. To begin with, the 400-course grit is very lovely for fixing broken or damaged blades.

As for the medium one, you will use it for regular sharpening and remove any form of worn-out steel.

The 3000 grit is the ideal one for removing the fine scratches and apply a polish layer to the surface of your blades.

 Finally, the manufacturer offers you a 1 month with a full refund in case you find any defects with the product.

Pros And Cons

  • Exactly as advertised
  • Great for sharpening knives from pocket knives to kitchen knives
  • Well worth the money
  • Some stones are smoother than the others

Bottom line

   Three-Way Cut Knife Sharpening Stone Set will do the magic you have ever dreamt of your dull knives. However, you have to keep in mind that some stones are way smoother than others.

FAQs about The Best Whetstone Sharpeners Set

 What are whetstones?

You can call them Sharpening stones, water stones, or even whetstones. These types of stones are mainly used to re-sharpen the edges of steel and metal tools.

The process is done through grinding and honing.

You can use these stones for multiple tools such as scissors, knives, razors, and more.

Check this video if you want to know how whetstones are made

What are whetstones made of?

There are different types of whetstones; each of them has particular components.

As a beginning, the synthetic whetstones are made of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.

There is also the Japanese Water-stones, which are mainly made from sedimentary rocks.

I cannot forget about the Diamond Sharpening Stones, which is just like their names, made of mono-crystalline diamonds.

if you are still confused have a look at What Are Whetstones Made Of? to give you more information about the components of whetstone

Is 1000 grit whetstone enough?

If you are talking about an ordinary kitchen knife, this should be enough for the most kitchen knives.

A 1000 grit is capable of sharpening your blades correctly and restore their glorious back again.

Final verdict

  After reading this article, I guess you will be able to make your decision about the best whetstone brand  for you.

However, if you are still hesitant about the best one, here are our best choices of the best whetstone set.

If you are running out of a budget and still want to re-sharpen your blades, there is nothing better than Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone for the best budget whetstone.

Looking for the best overall set, then don’t think twice and go with the Dalstrong Premium Whetstone Set.

Anyone would like to have DMT Diamond Whetstone Models Sharpener as a gift, as it is just a neat yet and useful gift for your beloved ones.

If you have used any set from this list, we would be pleased to hear your feedback about them. Feel free to leave us a comment about your experience.

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